A Gay Story From a Time When Gay Was, What’s That?

Born in 1942, Cloud Downey explains growing up gay in the 1950s. One night Downey notices a man that looked gay and followed him to see where he was going. The young man leads him to the Magic Clock, which was the first gay bar Cloud Downey entered at the young tender age of seventeen.

Like most places in the 50s it was very much a subculture with their own slang and language in order to go under the radar.

Back then it was socially highly disapproved of and considered a crime.

During the 1950’s Magic Clock was Liverpool’s main gay bar on Hud Street across from Royal Court Theatre.

Straight customers would enter the Magic Clock and see what kinda place it was. Once they noticed what kinda place it was, they would either walk out or stay.

Watch the video below and see how Cloud Downey adapted to gay life in the 1950’s. Enjoy

Cloud Downey – Being Gay in the Fifties, Courtesy of hurricanefilms17. Thank you

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