Al Pacino Crusin at the Mineshaft Late 1970’s NYC

The Mineshaft Located at 835 Washington Street at Little West 12th Street City was the area’s premier members only club. Operating hours were typically around the clock from Wednesday night through Monday morning, with a roof deck, clothes check, dungeons, slings and other services.

The Sadomasacist free for all opened in 1977 before the AIDS era, and was finally shutdown by New York City’s Department of Health in November 1985.

the operating manager went on to have private parties on , The L.U.R.E. and in Chelsea, but nothing lived up to the gritty dirty slezziness of the notorious Mineshaft. Cruising was actually filmed in the Hellfire club (where a few scenes of Madonna’s Sex Book was photographed), because the Mineshaft would not allow filming inside. The Hellfire Club was decorated to look like the Mineshaft with slings and all. People stud outside protesting the making of this film.

Cruising- Al Pacino- Nightclub Scene Courtest of SistaSofija, Thank you.

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