Brothers & Sisters, the Gas Pump, the Hunting Grounds, Bike Stop nYc

 There was no shortage of gays bars in City in the 1970’s and here we have a sampling of ads from some of the forgotten that once dotted the Manhattan landscape.

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Brothers & Sisters located at 355 West 46th Street

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The Gas Pump located at 1300 1st Avenue at the corner of 70th Street

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The Hunting Grounds located at 411 Third Avenue at 29th Street

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The Bike Stop West located at 230 west 75th Street & Bike Stop East located at 381 third Avenue

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  1. Bearded Bartender says:

    I enjoyed the people I met and friends I made while tending bar at the “Bike Stop” on 75th. St. My boss, “the Emerald Queen” was an interesting individual. He’d sit at the end of the bar and watch us all night. He’d tell fabulous stories about himself and his half-brother, Tab Hunter. (That was his story and he stuck to it.) He got the nickname the Emerald Queen because of the huge emerald rings he wore.

    My co-worker, Pat, taught me so much about bar-tending. She would hoist her leg up and rest her foot on the ice cooler and with toothpick between her teeth, listen to some of the strangest stories from customers. She could also break up a fight and never miss serving a drink. “Pick up your peppers” she’d say. Meaning, always be sure to pick up your tips off the bar as soon as you can.

    One night Jack Wrangler came into the bar. There weren’t very many people in that night, but he stayed for a couple of drinks. They were fun and exciting times. The Bike Stop was a “dive” but it could be a fun place at times. btw, I met my partner there. He brought me roses and I fell in love. We were together for thirteen wonderful years until he passed away.

  2. UWSgirl says:

    This is so interesting to read. I went to the “opening” of the Bike Stop bar. I went with a few female friends b/c we were from the Tap A Keg and many of our friends from there were gay and very excited to see the opening. I met the Emerald Queen who was helping us to walk through the crowd to find a seat at the far end of the bar. “She” kept saying, “Tuck in your tits everybody. Some ladies are coming through.” Very funny. I remember that the Emerald Queen first owned an actual “Bike Stop” where they rented out bikes on Columbus Ave somewhere in the 80s. Does anyone remember Marilyn, the bartender?

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