Rear Entry After Hours Club Philadelphia 1992

Rear entry was the after hours club upstairs that was part of the “2-4 Club” that everyone went to after hanging out at the Bike Stop/Pit Stop/Short Stop/Top of the Stop, Woody’s, Venture Inn, Uncles, Westbury Bar & Restaurant, Keywest, Pegasus, Tavern On Camac, Club Philadelphia Baths. This was a button from 1992 for the first anniversary of the after hours club in Philadelphia named “Rear Entry Phila” that was short lived. Contributed to by Robert, Thank you.

Back2Stonewall nYc, the Mineshaft 1976 – 1985

Disappearing Gay History: The Mineshaft – 835 Washington St. NYC, NY (1976 – 1985) At one time the NYC’s Mineshaft was the most notorious “members only” gay S&M/B&D club in history.  Today it is treated as a dirty secret to some and is all but a forgotten to many. Membership was granted on the spot if one passed muster no designer clothes, no sneakers, no cologne. Located on Washington Street at Little West 12th Street in the heart of the meatpacking district, it was open around the clock from Wednesday night through Monday morning, featuring a clothes check, dungeons, and [...]

October 2nd Into 3rd 1993 in the Zone DK New York City

On October 2nd 1993 it was the night I was working the door at The Eagle‘s Nest and here walks in this big burly brute of a man which I followed with my eyes to the front of the bar. He walked over to the bartender working the front and asked “Do you know where an atm is in the area?” and at the time in nYc atms were not on every corner like they are now in 2010. Bartender mentioned something about an atm being on 23rd st and 10th avenue. So he walked out the same door he came [...]