Coming Out

I came out at the 9th Circle in the fall of 1977. I was a Freshman at Pratt and a friend from school got me out of the closet. He didn’t have to work too hard. Our first stop was 9th Circle. I remember being terrified and thrilled at the same time. Unfortunately, although I’m sure I knew that I was at home there, I never had much fun at places like that. I remember the downstairs bar because I was a twink and that’s where we congregated. The place was gritty and smokey. Disco blared. Within a few months [...]

What About Ossa (More From the Ninth Circle)

When Jimmy T waited tables so did a lil guy named Ossa, Don was at the door and so was Fred E Tree, and downstairs Kelvin bartended (had pool tournies)  Capt fantastic pinball upstairs.  Jerry C and Stormy on the weekends upstairs bar.  John Koch during the days and John Petino. Back yard had no canvas back then until Andy Menchel   (Formerly Joes) who lived behind it couldn’t take the noise anymore so canvas went up (collapsed after many a snowfall).  Kevin Kiley bass player from the mumps,   all my childhood friends like Gordon, Wayne ,and Paul Goebel [...]

Best “Walk of Shame” Story, Ever.

As a denizen of the night, living in NYC for nearly 30 years, I have more than my share of ridiculous stories of my misadventures. However, this particular tale is probably one that falls into the category of “Did that just REALLY happen?” I remember the 80’s and 90’s NYC as the time when every night if the week was a different venue/club and a different party to attend, different guest lists to be put upon, and making sure we had at least some drink tickets. My friend Leah Ann and I (she worked at the peep-show owned by the [...]

1984 Roxy NYC World Breakdance Championship Swatch Keith Haring T-Shirt

Swatch 1984 Keith Haring Roxy Breakdance Competition t-shirt.

The Roxy nightclub in New York City founded in 1978 as a roller skating rink, roller disco by Steve Bauman, Richard Newhouse, and Steve Greenberg. The Roxy was located at 515 West 18th Street in the Chelsea section of Manhattan. During the late 1970’s thru the mid 1980’s, The Roxy housed many different theme nights. In that time, The Roxy hosted a party for the 1980 U.S.A. Olympic gold medal Ice Hockey winners. By 1981 the format of the club was changing from a roller skating rink/roller disco and catering more to the Hip Hop music that was taking hold [...]

Memories of a Time Long Gone

It appears that there are just a hand full of people who remembers that magnificent time back in the 80s. Though the neighborhood looks the same. Names of places have changed. Equus is now I-Candy. The Kesmon Hotel is now the Alexander Inn,Key West is closed and my favorite place of all Kurtz is long gone. Going to Cheap Art cafe after the clubs closed on 12th Street and watching all the goings on while eating your meal. Okay the place wasn’t that clean but the action outside was a show in its own! It was a place to go [...]

The Spike nYc Employee Pin Made by Guy Owen Dolen RIP 1929-2010

Guy Owen Dolen (1929-2010) was an artist and designer of jewelry and fetish wear whose creations were influential in the NYC leather community from the 1960s to the 2000s. His designs were seen in fashion magazines as well as national fetish publications. A fixture at leather fetish markets and street festivals like Folsom Street East, he worked in nickel, silver, and leather. Guy’s tribal and Gothic/industrial style are continued by his partner and soul mate Chris Riley. Here we have a perfect example of his works. This is a pin that was created by Guy for the employees of the [...]