You’ll Come Again and Again.

Man’s Country Baths which was located at 28 West 15th street was a gay bath house in New York city that opened sometime in the early 197os. It was not as popular as the downtown St.Marks Baths or the uptown Everard Baths. Man’s Country Bathhouse was located on a residential street in a former office building said to have up to nine or ten floors of orgies (a person who had attended said “that only the top two or three floors were used.”) It was said that the main orgy room featured a full sized tractor trailer cab for use [...]

Join the “Club” nYc 1971 – 1983

Back in the gays in the early 1970’s New York City had it’s share of gay bathhouses but there always seemed like there was room for more. In 1971 Club Body centers brought their chain into NYC when they purchased a townhouse at 24 First Avenue in Manhattan. The bathhouse was featured in a 1974 film called “A Very Natural Thing”. The baths offered lockers or rooms on the upper floors and a large orgy room on the top floor. They offered two steam baths ( Hot and Hotter), a hot tub and showers. On the first floor there was a [...]

History of St. Marks Baths 25 Years Later

St. Mark baths located at 6 St. Marks Place opened in 1913 at a time when indoor pluming in most older buildings was non existent. So the people of the neighborhoods would need a central place to bath and relax, the Vapors were born. The Turkish Bath: A Description A person using the Turkish bath will relax in a warm room that would be heated by a flow of dry, hot air which causes the bather to sweat freely. Bathers may then move to an even hotter room before showering themselves with chilled water. After having a full body wash and getting [...]

Our Trip to MT. Morris Baths in Harlem, 7 Years to Late

The Mount Morris Baths at 1944 Madison  Avenue the corner of 125th Street. In the mid 1890’s downtown Jewish doctors built a retreat for the ailment of respiratory problems of the people of the Lower East Side. In 1893 the bathhouse/retreat was opened and stayed continuously open for the next 110 years. By the late 1920’s early 1930’s Mt. Morris had transformed into a gay bathhouse. Down a flight of stairs to the basement of a building where the sign says Mt. Morris BATHS Steam and Turkish. Entering a 5,000 square foot space consisting of steam baths, showers and a massage [...]

Gay Bath Houses Post Civil War 1800’s Till Present

     Gay bathhouses, which were also known as gay saunas or steam baths. Gay baths are commercial bathhouses which 9 times out of 10 are frequanted by men to have sex with other men. In some regions the gay slang term for these establishments were known colloquially as “the baths” or “the tubs”.      Not all men who visit gay bathhouses would consider themselves gay or homosexual, regardless of their sexual practice. Bathhouses for women are ultimately rare, though some all men’s bathhouses occasionally have a “lesbian” or “women only” nights.      Bathhouses are and were considerably different in size [...]

Steve Ostrow Live at the Continental Baths New York City 1968 – 1975

     Live at the Continental The inside story of the world famous Continental Baths. Much has been written about the Baths, but the story of how it came about the 200 raids by the New York Police Department; the pressures from the Mafia; the famous people who visited it; the relationships that were formed; the drug culture that existed in the city; the political upheaval in the city of New York all of this has never been revealed.      Author Steve Ostrow presents for the first, the whole story of the Baths in Live at The Continental. He reveals the [...]

1971 Bette Midler Performs With Barry Manilow on the Piano at the Continental Baths New York City

This has to be one of the oldest video of Bathhouse Betty performing at the Continental Bath house at the Ansonia in New York City during 1971. Other performers that entertained in the Continental Baths were: Singer and actress Melba Moore Singer and actress Delores Hall Singer and actress Alaina Reed Hall Singer and actress Ellen Greene Singer and actress Nell Carter Singer and actress Tally Brown Singer and songwriter Peter Allen Singer and bandleader Cab Calloway R&B group Labelle R&B/vocal group The Pointer Sisters R&B/pop group The Ronettes Vocal group The Manhattan Transfer Singer and actor John Davidson Puppeteer Wayland [...]