Bi Sexual Mother of Pride 1946 – 2005 (RIP)

Brenda Howard born on Christmas eve in 1946 in the Bronx borough of New York City and grew up in Long Island, New York in Syosset, Nassau county. During the 1960’s Brenda became motivated by the Vietnam War and joined other antiwar activists to help end the war. Finding it difficult to work with the men in the groups, Brenda left the cause and focused on the feminist movement. At this time she also became active in the LGBT community, known as the “Mother of Pride”. Because of Brenda’s perseverance for assembling a rally only a month after the riots [...]

The Queen of Gay Discos Since 1948, Bisexual?

Gay icon Grace Jones born Grace Mendoza on May 19th 1948 in Spanish town Jamaica. The family moved to Syracuse, New York in 1965. Grace’s first film roll was in Gordon’s War in 1973 she played a drug courier in Harlem NYC, she signed her first record deal in 1977 with Island Records. Grace was a regular at Studio 54 with Andy Warhol to whom she was a muse. Grace’s careers also have included a modeling career her androgynous style made her a successful European model but because her looks were too strong for the American Magazines, Grace was not featured in American fashion. [...]