Surprise, Surprise.. a BIG Contribution From Jimmy James

2014 Keeps getting Betta and betta!! Just in the Mail today, we found this packet of Contribution goodies from the Legendary, Actor, Singer, Impressionist Jimmy James!! For the Back In The Gays section at the House Of Visual Show-room!! These will be on Display at the House Of Visual Showroom here in the Historical Mott Haven Section of The South Bronx. Call for an Appointment 347-265-5853 or visit us online Iconic – Legendary – Jimmy James Biography Below. UNABASHED. UNASHAMED. OUTRAGEOUS. All can be accurately used to describe the persona of one Jimmy James. For years, Jimmy James has [...]

How I Met Cisco

September 1993 was a very active month in a very busy year. That month I had gone camping with friends at Hillside a gay campsite in Gibson PA and had a great time. I was also working for Boscov’s department store in their Ports of the World Outlet in Philadelphia as a Visual Merchandising manager. So many things were happening I didn’t know if I was coming or going. After I got back from Hillside I got a call from a Visual Manager in Voorhees NJ at JCPenney in the Echelon Mall for another higher paying job opportunity and I [...]

Here a Contributions, There a Contributions, OMG More Contributions! Keep Coming In!

Today we received a surprised gift from two Very Special Guys. These Guys put so much love into what they do and it shows! These two guys are Director of Operations LA&M Jeffrey Storer and Husband Executive Director of LA&M Rick Storer. Thank You for the Contribution, Thinking of and Us                         We Love what you do and Appreciate it and You Guys. If in the Chicago area please visit Jeff, Rick, Alex and the gang over at Leather Archives & Museum. Located at: Leather Archives & Museum 6418 N. [...]

Life Lesson Learned, Growing, Growing, Grown & Still Learning.

How would you feel if someone came into yours and your husbands life that knew information about you that only a fly on the wall would know? first things out this persons mouth is “I want to fuck you”? to your husband? Constantly taking pictures of your husband? or better yet even Hurt themselves and blame someone else to have you feel sorry for them? Some people would call it insecurity or being to sensitive. I call it lack of respect for themselves and it translates in the relationship. But for me personally, It felt surreal. It was also a [...]

Rain to Rainbows Fun Filled Thursday – Sunday nYc Pride

The energy was high in New York City this weekend after the decision to abolish D.O.M.A. . Police presence was high and Corporate Imaging was higher. People all through out the West Village were friendly, dancing, cheering, overall happy that the Freedom to Marry was Alive and very much a reality in 2013. Hoping to find that love one to share the moment with and maybe that special day. But also in the background was a concern throughout the crowds about the past few months of Violent Acts Against the LGBT Community in New York City. From my own past [...]

The Spike New York City September 2000 Closing Video

Thank you CT (Charles Thompson) Owner of The Spike Bar New York City for contributing the last video of The Spike Closing September 2000 to!! It will play in our Back In The Gays Contributions section @ The House Of Visual Showroom!! (This 2:00 video will not be posted on the blog unfortunately. It will only be shown in the contributions section of the HoV showroom.) For hours and location you can contact here or Thank you.

A Message and Happy Pride 2013 From Ian & Joe

When i told my dad that i was gay (when i was 18) all he said was: ” I thought that you were going to tell me you were on drugs then I would be worried but you being gay, is okay by me.” Thank you dad FOR BEING YOU and supporting me, love you always xxx. My dad passed away 10th December 2012 but back in the 1980s he amazed me by being so understanding of who I was and not judging me and treating me always with love. I miss you dad and remember dad I will always [...]