Ann Street Bookstore, the Bull Pen in the Financial District

A Little Street in the Financial District of New York City Named Ann.. Created in 1728, named after Ann White the wife of developer and Merchant Thomas White. 21 Ann Street was one of the most active gay, straight, voyeur Adult bookstore in the 1970, 1980s, 1990s and into the Millennium. And to think it was just a few short blocks from both World Trade Center and the Historic South Street Seaport. Ann Street Bookstore also had the basement which was Bull Pen a buddy booth style cruise area of the bookstore till 1996, then moved upstairs. Then finally closed [...]

Back in the Gays, in the 1980’s in New York City, When Things Started Changing.

Back in the early to mid 1980’s signs started popping up above the buddy booths of a west side pornographic theater/bookstore that catered to married, bi sexual and gay men. “Anyone caught engaging in sex with another person will be asked to leave,” was one of the signs posted and ”No sex on the premises,” a manager promptly tells customers before snatching the $10.00 dollars (to enter the theater section) out of their hands. ”It is illegal to have anal and oral intercourse in public, by order of the New York City Health Department,” was another one of the signs [...]

The Adonis Theater Eighth Avenue New York City 1975 – 1994

The Adonis theatre at 839 Eighth Avenue in the Times Square district it  started life in September 1921 as the Tivoli Theater. In 1975 it became one on New York‘s most popular adult all male porn film theaters, the Adonis Theater, which operated successfully until it was sold in 1994, and was demolished in 1995. My partner was in the Adonis in 1990 and remembers a lot going on inside in different sections of the theater. He also mentioned about some of the interiors, bathrooms and the balcony of the old theater that were shown in the movie trailer. Note: This movie is [...]