Katherine Hepburn and the West Village

I would live in New York on and off for years, but the first time I got there I had 2 specific places I wanted to see the most before anywhere else. One was The West Village, which I’d seen on my second day in town, and the second was Studio 54, which by the time I got there had already gained legendary international status. Of course I had no connections, I didn’t know anyone, and all I knew about finding my way around began and ended with the D train from Brooklyn to the W4th station in the Village..but..if [...]

This Street We Call Christopher 1799 nYc

Christopher Street, the oldest street in the West Village section of Manhattan New York City. During the late 1700’s was when Christopher Street received its name, when the land was acquired by Charles Christopher Amos. You can see his name in a few areas of the West Village (Charles Street would be one, Christopher would be the other and 10th Street also bore his name Amos at one time). At that time Christopher Street only went west till what we know today as Weehawken Street, which was laid out in 1829 and is the shortest street in the West Village. [...]

Back2Stonewall – 1970’s, the Trucks, Christopher Street & the Piers

1970’s Gay History – The Christopher Street – West Side Highway Piers and Trucks Greenwich Village in New York City was a homosexual’s dream come true in the 1970’s and early 80’s.  You could literally walk down Christopher Street and have sex as much as you wanted, anytime that you wanted to. Men fucked on the pier, in the trucks, in alleys and doorways and in bookstores, and bars backrooms, The sex was constant, boundless, free and liberating. This was after Stonewall and Pre-Aids.It was a sexual urban wilderness.  Back then Christopher Street was our version of gay ancient Rome, [...]

Taking a Stroll Down Christopher Street 1993

We remember walking down Christopher back in 1993 during the holidays when we first met. Some of the businesses that were still open back then from what we remember were: Pieces (1993 – still open) Abracadabra (opened 1981 – relocated 1997 to 21 street) Oscar Wilde Memorial Bookshop (opened 1967, moved to Christopher Street 1973 – closed 2009) The Stonewall Inn (1966 – still open) The Duplex (moved to Christopher Street in the 1980’s – still open) The Village Cigar (1939 – still open) Boots & Saddles (1976 – still open) The World clothing store (1990 – closed 1999) Kim’s [...]

Heading to the World Night Club and Roaming Around the City. Christopher Street After?

     Warm fall night, tripping with a few friends in the Bronx and we all spontaniously decided to goto the World night club in alphabet city. Baby, Mel and myself started skipping our way over to the four train on Jerome avenue singing “The House Of God” by DHS which was our favorite tune at the time. During this time in New York City you were able to smoke on the platform & trains, and not worry about anything.      Such a nice time in New York City. Most of the time when we would venture into the city, We would ride in the last [...]

Queer Street Youth Remembering the Piers New York City

Christopher street youth discuss the end of the old Christoper street pier as we knew it. Great local documentary about the freedoms we had then and don’t have now in 2010, because of the beautification of New York City. Fenced Out, Courtesy of Fabulouspoc. Thank you