He Said It Wasn’t Child Abuse…

It wasn’t raining, it wasn’t windy. There was no thunder, there was no lightning. The sky wasn’t even gloomy. It could have been quite an uneventful day. One without the growling of the usual rabid dog surrounded by the screams of people trying to kill it. A day without the sounds and smells of the upcoming civil war. Unimaginable at the time. I’m not saying it could have been a perfect day, for I don’t think there ever was such a thing. But I know, there was nothing for us to fear on that rather lazy day. So lazy, we [...]

Disco 2000 Limelight Club Kids Circa 1991

Amanda Lapore was an unusual child. Wild and uncontrollable, refusing to conform to the standards that guide the rest of us. She is a rebel. The girl with something extra. The other children sensed this and taunted her mercilessly. When her high school sweetheart and future husband laid out the dough re-me for a few uh “cosmetic alterations”, her five year road trip through hell began. He asserted his influence over her, refusing to let her leave the house alone, keeping her locked up and under careful supervision. And then one night she escaped! So now our little starlet lives [...]

Joan Rivers What Does Their Mother Think of Them, nYc Club Kids.

The Joan Rivers Show which aired from 1989 to 1993 hosted many queers and drag queens, but this group really stood out. They were the amazing New York City Club Kids at the height of their popularity and prominence. Starring Joan Rivers as our hostess with the mostess, Club Kids as follows: Leigh Bowery, Michael Alig, James St. James, Ernie glam and Amanda Lepore. They explain their fabulousness to Joan, the trials and tribulations of being a club kid in the early 1990’s. NYC Club Kids, Courtesy of jezebel111. Thank you

Wilding in New York City With Nelson Sullivan 1989

Lets all go on a trip back in the gays with Nelson Sullivan and the gang! A time in old New York City when wilding was on the rise and becoming very popular with the street kids. Here we see Nelson Sullivan, Eddy, Michael Musto, Albert, TradDe and a few other wilding club kids heading to the world famous Copacabana night club when it was on 60th Street. Strolling down west 57th Street going towards the east side of town, they by pass stores that are no longer in business like the wig store with private booths for men (shhhh [...]

New Year’s Eve 1988, Going to Mars Nightclub New York City With Nelson Sullivan

     In this video we start in Nelson Sullivan’s home at Five Ninth Avenue near Gansevoort street in the (MPD) Meat Packing District, preparing to go to the grand opening of Mars nightclub at tenth avenue and thirteenth street in New York City on December 31, 1988. As the video opens we find Michael Alig, Rudolf, Lohoma, Larry Tee, Harlequin and Superstar Christina (who was Nelson’s date for the evening) all rampetly getting ready to Ring in the new year at Mars.      Someone is knocking at the door it can’t be Michael Alig he’s already there who could it be? It’s Superstar DJ [...]

June Eighth 1986, Nelson Sullivan, Rupaul, Jane Street New York City

     This video filmed by Nelson Sullivan on June 8th 1986 at the Jane West Hotel on the westside of Manhattan in New York City. Here we see Nelson With Rupaul (way before Rupaul’s Drag Race) going to her Apartment on the top floor of the hotel where they hangout and talk.      Ru Paul and the gang hang on the roof of the hotel and point out the Statue of Liberty and the air vents for the Holland tunnel, with sweeping views of New Jersey, the westside highway and the west village piers.      They all return into the apartment/hotel [...]

Can You Spot the Club Kids in This 1989 Video?

     This is a Susanne Bartch party and the fabulous fashions match the fabulous occasion. Michael Musto amongst Leigh Bowery’s Light Bulb Ears or Billy Beyond’s Sokid Gold Pants Suit. Who wins the prize? Kenny Kenny decides at the door. Video by Nelson Sullivan edited by Robert Coddington for the Brazil Mix Festival. Courtesy of 5thninethavenueproject, Thank you. Club Kids Party At Bentley’s 1989