Sappho From the Island of Lesbos to the Town of Eresos

Sappho was a poet of goddess proportion, projecting her works and words towards the female gender. Born sometime between 630 – 612 B.C. on the Island of Lesbos the third largest Island of Greece and the eighth largest in the Mediterranean Sea. Though much is unknown of her personal life and much of work has been destroyed. Fragments of her writings have been found to favor the love of the female counterpart. In a time when Goddess were being put on the back burner and down played for Gods. She was exiled from the Island Of Lesbos to Sicily between [...]

Spring Is Near, Lesbian Love Is in the Air.

I can’t say enough good things about this movie. It was the best money I’ve spent in a long time. It was well written, well acted and has two gorgeous women as its main characters. What more could I ask for? The movie belongs to the very talented Nicole Conn and bless her for sharing it with the world !! Bless her also for “Claire Of the Moon” which was a very important part of my life back in 1992. The song “Symphony Of Life” belongs to another very talented lady, Aussie singer Tina Arena. For me, the song and [...]

NYC 1983

New York City 1983 the girl bars: Network, Shescape, Rusty’s the music: Holiday, Madonna White Lines, Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five Ain’t Nobody, Chaka Khan Sweet Dreams, Eurythimics Just be Good to Me, SOS Band All Night Long, Lionel Ritchie It’s late summer, early fall. I came out earlier this year, while home in San Francisco. I’ve spent the summer in New York, discovering GIRLS. Walking down streets in my fiorucci t-shirts and leggings and bleached blond crew cut. I’ve been working at some escort service that used to be an in-house joint but is out call only now, [...]

Dykes on Bikes Front of the Line

Dykes on Bikes (DOB) is a club of mostly lesbian motorcycle clubs from around the world which includes: The Sirens of New York City Dykes on Bikes in Portland Oregon Women’s Motorcycle Contingent in San Francisco California Dykes on Bikes are well known for their appearances in gay pride funtions such as LGBT Pride parades, Lesbian & Dyke Marches and important LGBT events like the International Gay Games. Originally Dykes on Bikes were most likely put at the front of the Gay Pride parade for many different reasons and continue to remain as an important symbol of LGBT pride, defiance, [...]

The Life and Times of Staten Islander Alice Austen

Elizabeth Alice Munn was born in Staten Island New York at the Woodbine Cottage in the Rosebank section of the island in 1866. Shortly before her birth her father Edward Stopford Munn left the family leaving her mother Alice Cornell Austen to raise Elizabeth Alice on her own and forcing her to move to Cear Comfort at two Hylan boulevard and Edgewater street her grandparents home lesss than a mile from Woodbine Cottage. Elizabeh Alice never used her birth name (Munn) instead using her grandfather’s last name Austen. In 1876 her uncle brought a camera back home from his travels and Alice had found a new [...]