Fire Island 1976 the Gay Playground

The Fire Island Pines, called “The Pines” and Cherry Grove, called “The Grove” are areas of the town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County, New York, located on Fire island a barrier island on the south side of Long Island in New York state. Originally the site of a Coast Guard station built in 1876. The area was developed into a resort starting in 1924 but Fire Island would not come of age until after World War II, there was no electricity or amenities until 1960 when a co-op complex was built. It’s impossible to speak of Fire Island as a unity for there are many different [...]

Parliament House 1975 – 2010 History and Beyond

     Burly men in leather and metal studs dance to pulsing techno music beside middle-aged couples in polo shirts and wire-rimmed glasses. Guys in their 20s clad only in their underwear and tennis shoes gather at the bar. Models strut the runway at the poolside fashion show, and gay and heterosexual couples alike jam the theater where a 200-plus-pound man in a wig and heels lip-syncs Patty Labelle’s “Lady Marmalade.”      With a clientele that ranges from the stereotypically outrageous to the innocuous neighbor next door, the Parliament House has been an institution in Orlando’s gay community for nearly three [...]