June 28, 2013 in the West Village

Last night we got out in to the West Village UBER Late. Stopped in front of the Stonewall which was PoPping with people everywhere, trickling and blocking the street.. It was a joy to see people having a good time, friendly and neighborly. We continued down Christopher and the energy was just as high!!! The only thing that made for an ugly night was ALL these CitiBikes stations on almost every corner in the West Village and throughout Chelsea. At the end of our walk heading towards the east side to jump on the 4 or 6 train.. We see [...]

Remembering the Ninth Circle With David Henry

tree was fun. always asked me to show my id, when i reported i left it home, he would simply turn me around, pat my fat butt, and stamp my wrist to let me in. then i made my bee line to the back, down the stairs, into the bathroom and hide out for a few minutes. I had my 21st bday there, drank18 shots of some apricot schnapps (lit on fire) “flaming fag??”, fell asleep on the bar till my friend michael boccino from hoboken came to get me, i had a 9th circle tee shirt i treasured, if [...]

Remnants of Past Christopher Street 2011

A walk in the West Village New York City on a Sunday in early 2011. Everywhere we looked we were looking at the past around us. It was a Sunday afternoon a very mild winter day walking down Tenth Street on our way we passed old manufacturing buildings that are now living spaces. When I started coming to New York City from Philadelphia in the late 1980’s most of these areas had become seedy, with abandonment and trash everywhere. Well that was then and this is now. A more gentrified street lay before us, even the trash had changed, what twenty years [...]

Elizabeth Taylor at the Heliport

In the summer of 1987 I was living on E89th between 2nd and 3rd, and my best friend Roxanne was living 3 blocks away on E86th, also between 2nd and 3rd avenues. Who cares? I know, but I like to set the scene, give it a little New York geography! So one afternoon we decided to go for a walk, which is one of New Yorks greatest treasures because going for a walk in New York City isn’t like going for a walk anywhere else, as is illustrated beautifully in this story. So there we were, walking south when we [...]

Most Talked About Night Club in the World Finocchio 1963

Joe “Finocchio” located at 506 Broadway in San Francisco opened on June 15th, 1936 and closed after 63 years of serving the community on November 27th 1999. The most interesting women are not women at all. They are Finocchio’s accomplished female impersonators. That is why the show at Finocchio is always tops in entertainment. At Finocchio you will see woman, that miracle of divine contradictions, in all her prismatic gyrations. Women who step is music, who’s voice is song. Women whom Victor Hugo called “The Enigma of the nineteenth century,” who Confucius called a masterpiece, whom Tennyson called the lesser [...]

Mother Childs & the New York Cafeteria Society of the 1920’s & 1930’s

In the four decades before the Stonewall uprising being gay in New York City took a little ingenuity especially when you wanted to be yourself in a public place. During the 20’s and 30’s the place to be seen was the countless cafeterias throughout the city. The cafeterias being the fast-food outlets before Mc Donald’s and Burger King’s of today. A very popular chain in New York City was Childs, which first opened in 1889 by Samuel S. and William Childs. The chain grew to a large number of restaurants and was known for its architectural designs, outstanding service and cleanliness. The most [...]

The Ninth Circle Steakhouse

Gone, but not forgotten, the Ninth Circle Steakhouse Bar which closed in early 2002 was located in the West Village on 10th Street right off Greenwich Avenue. – Yes, it really was a Steakhouse that seriously rocked in the 60’s. originally opened and owned by Mickey Ruskin of Max’s Kansas City Fame and playing host to the artsy & literary with. Its big reputation came from folks like Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Charlie Mingus and others who gathered there to drink. In the ‘1970s there were some celebrities and patrons, but not enough to keep business going. Ruskin sold full [...]