Genderlicious and Sexual Orientation With Diamond, What Is Your Gender I.D.?

Here’s a great, very cute, informative video with Diamond Stylz explaining the difference between sexual orientation and genderology 101. She explains the difference between the two and starts with gender identity. How people see you and perceive you, your mannerism, your voice, your style of dress, your hair, your fashion, your culture and gender stereotypes. Next is sexual orientation, who are you orientated to be sexually attracted to. What gets your balls boiling? What gets your cuckoo all sappy and wet, ready to gush? What gets you all steamed up and hot? Is it men? Is it women? What does [...]

Real Life Trans Story Told by Juli

I have ALWAYS known that I was a girl. Among my first memories after beginning elementary school is the friendship I had with another boy in my class. We would play that we were girls. While I know that we were too young to understand the psychology of gender and sexuality, we DID know one thing: we were girls. I also remember knowing that we had to do this playing in private. There is no one instance which I can recall as a learning experience as far as that is concerned; I just know that we didn’t share this “game” [...]

Candy Darling’s Farewell Card Presented by Frank E Campbell 1974

Just getting home from Victor’s apartment in Inwood and his lover once again surprises us with memories of the passing of Candy Darling back in 1974 six years after his arrival to New York City from Ohio. After he shares his experiences and memories with Candy Darling, he goes back into his bedroom and what does he hand us? An original Candy Darling memorial card from when she passed away on March 21st 1974. The service was held at Frank E Campbell Funeral Chapel at 1076 Madison Avenue at 81st Street, the same funeral parlor that Judy Garland was laid [...]

An International Chrysis 1951 to 1990

Billy Schumacher born in Brooklyn, New York in 1951. He bacame International Chrysis when only at the age of twelve years old entering and joining pageants. In 1967 she appeared uncredited in the film The Queen in a chorus line with the likes of Crystal Labeija (Miss Manhattan) and Rachel Harlow (Miss Philadelphia). Also in the film was The Flawless Sabrina (Jack Doroshow) who founded The Nationals Academy and ran the events from 1959 to 1967. The movie was released in 1968 a year before the Stonewall uprising. International Chrysis went on to star in Jesus Chrysis Superstar and The Last [...]

Drago FTM, National Deaf Queer Resource Center

Dragonsani “Drago” Renteria is the founding father of the National Deaf Queer Resource Center, an online information and resource website. For Drago, a multilingual deaf Chicano/Italian FTM growing up queer was not just a sexual orientation but also a culture. Dragonsani Renteria is a second generation queer and comes from a hard working class family/background. Drago’s mother is a lesbian and also one of his two brothers & sisters is gay. He came out of the closet at the young age of 12 years old. With burning passion about making a difference, he has dedicated a great deal of his [...]

Jayne County: Man Enough to Be a Women in the 1960’s

Jayne County born in Dallas, Georgia in 1947 as Wayne Rogers (Wayne County) a artist, actress, musician and drag performer. When Jayne was 21 years old she upped and moved to New York City where she was a regular at the Stonewall Inn, this was 1968 a year before the riots and at the time it wasn’t unusual for the gay clubs and bars to be raided. Jayne did take part in the riots on June 28, 1969 and has fabulous memories of that time and the events that took place. During 1969 Jayne was approached by Jackie Curtis a playwright who wanted [...]

Transgender Community, MTF, FTM, They’re Everywhere

Individuals on this list have been chosen because of their fame or notoriety is in some way due to their transgender identity or presence. The individuals listed below also include notes of their nationality and their main career specialty, especially if the individual person is known for other than their transgender identity. It is usually very hard to identify the gender and sexual identity of those individuals who lived before the 20th century, since most of the modern concepts of MTF (male to female) and FTM (female to male) were not developed until the second half of the century. In [...]