Disco 2000 Limelight Club Kids Circa 1991

Amanda Lapore was an unusual child. Wild and uncontrollable, refusing to conform to the standards that guide the rest of us. She is a rebel. The girl with something extra. The other children sensed this and taunted her mercilessly. When her high school sweetheart and future husband laid out the dough re-me for a few uh “cosmetic alterations”, her five year road trip through hell began.

He asserted his influence over her, refusing to let her leave the house alone, keeping her locked up and under careful supervision. And then one night she escaped! So now our little starlet lives and breathes much easier in the seedy underbelly of Manhattan. Joan Rivers begged for an interview… Clubs vie for her go-go abilities… Even “A Current Affair” was thunderstruck by her poise and beauty.

Who knows what next will befall our fair heroine, Fame?… Fortune?… Only time will tell!

Arman Ra was born in Alexandria, Egypt where she ruled as High Priestess until a terrible and tremendous revolution forced her into exile in City. Revered for her intense external beauty and extensive collection of jewelry. she roams New York clubs in a state of complete shock!

“It is said that an Indian Majaraja once paid one million dollars for a pair of her stockings and later hung himself with them” Arman is always searching for Mr Demille. If you see this woman please do not attempt to talk to or touch her, she’s very sensitive!

Bella Bolski-Stone like a rough piece of cool, this beauty gem took years of refinement and fine polishing to reach the degree of flawlessness currently achieved. It was a long climb to the top for the first generation club go-er. There were times when she was sold on the open market, available to the highest bidder. The old school taught her well. She worked and worked and worked and boy did it pay off! This girl attained her ultimate goal to be a Club Diva.

Like Jayne Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe he has persevered from humble beginning to stardom. Currently married to Robb Stone Bella can be found gracing the inner sanctums of Palladium. You also might run into her in the wee hours haunting the cellar at Save The Robots, swept away each morning with the last remnants of the night. Keep an eye out!

Ernie Glam born in Sacramento, California. Ernie decided at an early age to move to Gotham after multiple viewings of Batman reruns. A chance encounter with an issue of i-D magazine at an impressionable age deluded him into taking up fashion designing. A little more delusion prompted other Klub Kids to wear his creations as well.

Mass delusion has led to wide spread allegations that there is a secret relationship between him and Clara the Chicken and a crowning gem of executive delusion appointed him advertising director of Project X Magazine, where he’s managed to whip out an issue only two months late instead of four. At night, he prefers chemicals to alcohol and glue to make-up.

is a Libra born to 2 Libran parents ans this explains much of his raunchy, wild club career. Raised  in white trash Georgia he was influenced by Gary Glitter, Disco Tex & Dolemite and formed a burlesque band called The Now Explosion (which introduced Lady Bunny, LaHoma & RuPaul to New York City) and repulsed the Bible Belt with his notorious Celebrity Club.

Flipping their van over on the interstate on their move to New York City, Larry had dreams of someday being The King Of Manhattan (he was in 1990). Club varmint Michael Alig invited Larry ti bring his Celebrity Club to the Tunnel and he’s never looked back, next he Dj’ed rock and roll fag bar, Mars, The totally deranged Love Machine at La Palace De Beaute (also the name of one of his rock groups) and co-hosts the gut wrenching Disco 2000.

Now at the Roxy on Saturday. Larry is seeking world domination with his new record “Come Fly With Me” which will be available for the holiday season (hint, hint) and tours the world with his band The Love Machine featuring Mihoko and that drunk LaHoma. He expects the whole world to Klub Kid out. Love.

Michael T although born in Miami, Michael T is definitely a New Yorker. He moved to Washington Heights when he was only 2 years old and did the rest of his growing up here. His childhood was spent as the typical punk rock kid here in the city is crazy and if you know you hate you should get the hell out while you can.

He however, has managed to stay and has become anything but typical. By day, Michael can be found working at Manic Panic, the original punk rock store. By night, he is a performer. He has been deeply influenced by David Bowie, especially in his early Ziggy Stardust days. He describes himself as an odd androgynous creature… a very unique individual. At the age of 25 Michael feels he has made a few note worthy accomplishments.

He doesn’t regret quitting school because this merely gave him more time to devote to performing. He has no bullshit attitude which adds greatly to his image. In a city full of fakes, he has remained very real and down to earth. But like everyone else, Michael T. wants to be a star… before he’s 50. He dreams of being an admired figure and hopes to someday find more people similar to him and his style.

Pebbles was not very popular girl in high school. She had a penchant for industrial music and fashion, which required her to dye her hair black, wear black clothes and lots of eyeliner. One day, she happened to catch the Geraldo show that featured nYc’s club celebutantes. Upon seeing so many glamorous club kids in the audience, she instantly decided to leave Pittsburgh, Pa and move to New York City.

But first, she had to convince her parents that she must attend “school” here. After acquiring her parents permission and money. She hopped on Amtrak, shaved her head, glued on some sequins, changed her name and clothes all in route! Once in New york,  the search for “higher” education was poised to begin:

  • Beginner’s Ecstasy
  • Intermediate Roxy
  • Advanced Disco 2000
  • Building 101

Now well into her third semester, Pebbles has yet to declare her major, although she is minoring in go-go dancing and self-promotion. One thing that she doesn’t plan on after graduation from the nightclub school is having a boring day job or children. She wants the glamorous life, rich men take note!!!

Sacred Boy concealed his character as best he could for many years. Every day the blood would mount to his head until the strain would reach a pain where he could no longer bear to live such a life. In the end, because such concentration was unnatural to him. He gave himself over resolutely to a career of evil… Sweet atmosphere.

Every Wednesday at 6th Avenue & 20th Street Disco 2000 was held at the Limelight Night Club in New York City with DJs Keoki & Andy Anderson. Larry Tee & Lahoma Van Zandt’s, Late, Late Nite HOT Body Contest. $ Cash Prize $

Photos by: Michael Fazakerlev, card invites and sticker invite contributed to backinthegays.com by Ernie Glam. Thank you

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