Drago FTM, National Deaf Queer Resource Center

Dragonsani “Drago” Renteria is the founding father of the National Deaf Queer Resource Center, an online information and resource website. For Drago, a multilingual deaf Chicano/Italian FTM growing up queer was not just a but also a culture. Dragonsani Renteria is a second generation queer and comes from a hard working class family/background.

Drago’s mother is a lesbian and also one of his two brothers & sisters is gay. He came out of the closet at the young age of 12 years old. With burning passion about making a difference, he has dedicated a great deal of his time over the past 20+ years as an activist for LGBT rights, educator to the LGBT community, historian, organizer and leader.

Drago has a passion about preserving the history of the Deaf LGBT Community, which is more often than not overlooked and missing from LGBT & deaf history books. In 1991, Drago help publish the first magazine for and about deaf LGBT people. By 1994 Drago founded the (NDQA) National Deaf Queer Archives which he continues to be a major part of and coordinate on a volunteer basis.

From 1992-1995 he was the director of the (DGLC) Deaf Gay & Lesbian Center which was established in March 1992. During his time as director he founded the National Deaf Q Archives in 1994 and by 1995 Drago was the first deaf person to Grand Marshal the San Francisco parade. Dragonsani (Drago) Renteria, the CEO of DeafVision Inc. has presented to diverse audiences across the world about LGBTIQ issues.

Drago, a speaker in demand who has served on numerous local and national boards. An individual who has the power to have his audience feel at ease when discussing sensitive issues. In the new millennium he shows no sign of slowing down and continues his mission. In 2002 he receives an award from KQED for his activism work and by 2006 was the honorary Grand Marshal for Seattle’s Gay Pride.

Drago, a graduate of the University of California Berkely continues to live in San Francisco with his life partner Jennifer Mantle (former FTMI board member) and their cute (furkid) Magnus. Keep up the good work in preserving our history and educating.

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