Fashionista Patricia Field’s Eighth Street Boutique

Downtown videographer Nelson Sullivan Stops by fashion icon Patricia Field’s Eighth Street store and fashion emporium. Nelson hangs out with fashionistas and downtown scenesters Tangella, James St. James, Lisa E. and Gabriel Rotello.

This mid 1980’s video shows Pat Field hard at work keeping her store and clientele happy with the latest trendy fashions. Watch as Tangella runs from one end of the boutique to the other showing off the store to Nelson who is video taping his way through the shop. In comes James St. James and Lisa E. millinery shopping and also running rampant all over the store checking out whats new and cool.

At the end of the video in pops Gabriel Rotello today’s Writer, Producer, Director, Author and Journalist famous for his documentary  The Eyes Of Tammy Faye which he produced for HBO.

Inside Patricia Field’s Boutique with Tangella, James St. James & Lisa E, Courtesy of  5ninthavenueproject. Thank you

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