Happy Easter to Everyone From BiTG, Extended Family & Friends

Morning everyone, hope you’re all doing well. Want to wish everyone a Happy Easter! Also want to Thank Johnny Banks and Chuck from Montclair for sending this AMAZINGLY creative Easter card that they handmade and all the wishes! We are so lucky to have you guys in our lives and look forward to seeing you for the Easter Holiday. John & Chuck have made so many different contributions to our blog and our community.

But it is not what you give to us, it’s who you guys are as people that makes knowing you so special icon biggrin icon biggrin And , Thank you for being you and not conforming to anything else but being you. BIG Bear hugs and love to ALL our readers, extended family, contributors and friends!

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Ratigan – Every Spring, the Easter Bunny always sleeps, of MarioMan19. Thank you

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