How I Met Cisco

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September 1993 was a very active month in a very busy year. That month I had gone camping
with friends at Hillside a gay campsite in Gibson PA and had a great time. I was also
working for Boscov’s department store in their Ports of the World Outlet in Philadelphia
as a Visual Merchandising manager. So many things were happening I didn’t know if I was
coming or going. After I got back from Hillside I got a call from a Visual Manager in
Voorhees NJ at JCPenney in the Echelon Mall for another higher paying job opportunity and
I gladly accepted the position and promptly left Ports store on Friday October first 1993.

That Friday I cleaned out my office said all my goodbyes to my friends. That night
happened to be the first Friday of the month and at the Bike Stop the levi/leather bar in
Philly it was Rocky Horror night with Sam the bartender. Sammy always had the crowd going
and it was always made for a fabulous evening start. After the Rocky Horror movie of
course it was Friday night so I stayed and hung out. when the Pit Stop in the basement
opened I went and chilled down there. During the course of the night various friends
Scott and Rick showed up and we hung out drank and was merry until two AM when the place
closed. So after that we went to the Midtown 2 diner across from Jefferson Hospital on 11th street.
We ate and talked till the wee hours of the morning. Rick suggested to Scott and myself
that he was going up to Manhattan to visit his boyfriend Ray and that we should go and
hang out. We thought that sounds better than hanging in Philly and planned to meet that
night at the Bike Stop and travel with Rick to New York City.

Saturday night came and I made my way downtown to meet up with Rick and Scott to drive to
Princeton junction in New Jersey and take the NJ Transit train into Pennsylvania Station
NYC. Once in New York Rick made his way over to Ray’s place in the East Village and Scott
and I headed by cab over to the west side to the Spike and Eagle’s Nest bars to start the
evening off. I needed to find a MAC machine (ATM) but this was NYC and very few banks
accepted Mac cards from Philadelphia at that time. So we took the cab to 21st Street and
entered the Eagle‘s Nest bar. I was telling Scott that I needed to find a cash machine
because I was low on money after buying my train ticket to New York. We entered the bar and
as walked in I spotted the bouncer at the door checking us both out as we entered. Wanting
to find an ATM I rushed to the bartender and asked “where the closest one was?” 23rd street
and Ninth Avenue I was told. So back out the door and made my way to and from the ATM
back now at the Spike. Scott was making himself comfortable with someone and I decided to
wander around and explore.

I left Scott and decided to walk back over to the Eagle’s Nest but never made it because
who was outside the Spike but Adam. A guy I had met at Hillside campground a few weeks
earlier and we started to chat and before I knew it the time had flown. I left him and
caught back up with Scott because we were going to hit Zone DK (Boy’s Town, Paddles) on
21st Street and hung-out there till morning since they were an after hours club… A sex club.
We paid our entry fee and made our way into the place it was dark and still had a mixed
crowd which was quickly turning all male. Scott and I hung together for a bit, but decided
we weren’t going to get laid that way so we split up and started wondering around in and
out of the dark rooms. The place was hot and only a few areas had any kind of air. One
area had a large industrial fan and I parked my ass as close as I could to it. The room
was fairly lit to so I decided I rather see whom I might play with. I stood there in the
cool breeze waiting and I look up and notice this dark haired, furry faced, beefy guy
staring at me. This went on for some time.

Then all of the sudden he just leaves and makes his way on to the next room I was like “I
know he was cruising me big time” and I said to myself “I should definitely find out what he
was about.” So I made my way through groups of people in various stages of having sex.
Through the Russian hands and Roman fingers of the people trying to catch a feel as I made
my way through the sweaty and moaning men. I found him about to play with someone else
when I walked up to him and our eyes met. I dropped to my knees, but before I could hit
the ground I was pulled from that room to the front of the club and up a stairwell to a
unknown to myself second floor where they had a single bathroom.

We entered the room and it was like the Fourth of July and it was only October 3rd. We
stayed in that bathroom for a long while (or at least it seemed Long) finally making our
way back downstairs to find out the details of who we were and where have we been all our
lives. Before we left he handed me a boy’s Town card with his name (Cisco) his cell and
home number. This was 1993 and those cell phones were huge back then. Boy this was the
start of something Special. You never know where you’ll find your mate and I knew that
night I had met my match.

I met back up with Scott and we made our way over to Ray’s place on east 10th Street. It
was still quite early to wake them up (I know they had not slept much that night.) So we
stopped at the Original Second Avenue Deli and had some breakfast with coffee before making
our way to Ray’s place since it was right at the corner. We hung with Rick and Ray until
the late afternoon when we started our trek back to Penn station to go back to Philly.
Rick drove Scott and I home that night and I realized I was starting a new job in Jersey
in the morning and had to get some rest. But before I could lay my head down I had to call
to hear Cisco’s voice again but alas he wasn’t home and I would hope to talk to him the
next day. It did take a bit but I finally chatted with him and planned to meet him the
following weekend when I would be staying with my friend Gene who at the time was in the
Coast Guard stationed on Governor’s Island in the New York City harbor. The Weekend
came and I found myself back in New York.

The Rest of the story spans nearly 20 years of ups and downs, moving back to Philadelphia
with my Cisco and then to Florida and back to NYC. Fast Forward 2011 the year we were
married after 18 years together finally we were allowed to legally marry. I wanted to
marry him the night we met, he made me feel that Special.

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