June 17 2010 Was the Day BiTG Was Born, Two Years Later Here We Are.

<Waves> Hello extended family. Want to start by saying Thank You for all the love, continuing support and contribution to date.

We originally started backinthegays to give people the opportunity to share their own history or share those that are no longer part of our lives. Which is where the tag line started: Committed to stories and events that happened back in the days in the LGBTQIA community.

Two years later, we’re still committed to your stories, individual history and continuing struggles our community faces in 2012. When we had our show with QPR in 2011 a new tag line we live by was born: Spotlighting and Showcasing the many different talents with-in our community to which society takes for granted 365 days out of the year.

This has become just as important as the things that have shaped us as a community. Because now we are not waiting till these events are past us and paying homage to the living as much as deceased. You will see a lot more current events and fabulousness our community offers.

Face it, if our community did not design or create half the things households across the globe were using on a daily basis. People would not look as good or have the conveniences we have gifted the world with today.

We look forward to sharing current things that are currently happening with in our community. If you are looking to advertise a LGBTQIA project that will be taking place in your area that is FREE. Send a message here or via email. If you are looking to advertise a LGBT show or creative project that is not free, message us here or email for quote.




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