Most Talked About Night Club in the World Finocchio 1963

Joe “Finocchio” located at 506 Broadway in opened on June 15th, 1936 and closed after 63 years of serving the community on November 27th 1999.

The most interesting women are not women at all. They are Finocchio’s accomplished female impersonators. That is why the show at Finocchio is always tops in entertainment. At Finocchio you will see woman, that miracle of divine contradictions, in all her prismatic gyrations.

Women who step is music, who’s voice is song. Women whom Victor Hugo called “The Enigma of the nineteenth century,” who Confucius called a masterpiece, whom Tennyson called the lesser man, whom Crowley called “One Of nature’s agreeable blunders.”

Cervantes claimed there was no jewel in the world so valuable as a woman, but Napoleon said all the woman of the world could not make him lose an hour!

The frivolous woman… The shy woman… The dancing woman… The singing woman… The raucous woman… The gentle woman… The gossipy woman… The kept woman… The woman in love… The coquette… Divorcee… The wheedler… The flatterer… The parasite… The female clown.. These are some of the familiar types you will see impersonated, glorified and satirized at Finocchio.

Here we have an original 1963 drink card from Finocchio’s San Francisco California to

finocchio 167x300

finocchio2 300x264

finochhio3 168x300

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