October 11th 1988 the Start of National Coming Out Day

     In the early part of 1988 a group of 100+ LGBT activists from all over the country convened in Manassas, Virginia to discuss issues related to the . It was during that meeting in Manassas, Virginia that National Coming Out Day was born, with much credit given to Rob Eichberg and Jean O’Leary for the concept. Rob Eichberg who founded a personal growth workshop called “The Experience” and Jean O’Leary who was at that time the head of National Gay Rights Advocates.

     National Coming Out Day celebration date October 11th was chosen to commemorate the 1987 National March on Washington for LGBT Rights that attracted more than half a million participants and also included the first viewing of the Names Project Quilt. Better known to most as the AIDS Quilt.

  • What Does it Mean to Come Out?

     Coming Out is a pretty popular and well understood phrase in the , coming out is the act of revealing one’s sexual identity or to friends and or family. While the act of coming out differ for person to person, some individuals find it to be a topic that takes alot of time, energy and is a traumatic process, while some individuals do not.

     National Coming Out Day was started as a way to celebrate each of these individual stories and to celebrate the people who tell them.

NATIONAL COMING OUT DAY! 2010 Stand up Comedy videos by LIZZY THE LEZZY!, Courtesy of lizzythelezzy. Thank you

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