October 2nd Into 3rd 1993 in the Zone DK New York City

On October 2nd 1993 it was the night I was working the door at ‘s Nest and here walks in this big burly brute of a man which I followed with my eyes to the front of the bar. He walked over to the bartender working the front and asked “Do you know where an atm is in the area?” and at the time in nYc atms were not on every corner like they are now in 2010.

Bartender mentioned something about an atm being on 23rd st and 10th avenue. So he walked out the same door he came in which happened to be right where I was and we stared at each other for a few seconds.

I continued my doorman duties for the remainder of the evening and was looking forward to 5:00 am which was my normal time to get off work. So I headed over to the Zone DK a popular after hour sex club betweeen and The Eagle on 21 st between 10th and 11th avenue which holds a party for all men after 3:30 am called Boys Town.

Said hello to Mike the owner and a few employees that I knew from the Eagle, walked into the Bar/Dancing area where the stage is and who is standing there by the stage? The big brute from earlier in the evening.

We glance at each other while I walk into one of the playrooms and who comes in following? He does, we stared at each other about twenty to twentyfive minutes without saying a word to each other.

After the stare fest I ended up walking out and hitting the other play area behind the stage and who comes following? The big brute type guy, he drops to his knees to service me and I grab his hand and tell him “Stand up, Lets go upstairs”. He’s like, “theres an upstairs?” I chuckled, “yup, follow me”. We walk up and spend at least 2 hours in the bathroom while a line of people waited to use it.

Had to have been one of the best times ever in Zone DK, we ended up downstairs by the bar next to the stage and just held each other for the last hour before they closed for the evening. We exchanged numbers and parted our seperate ways.

Honestly, never thought the dude would call me back and sure enough that Sunday the phone rings and who is it? The big guy from Zone DK, we chatted every weekend after that and he made a point to visit me every weekend trekking from Philadelphia to  which is where i’m from.

After four months of him coming to New York City from Philadelphia and being such a part of my life in those short four months I asked him to move in and he said “yes”. Here we are Jun 26, 2010 and we’re still together in love. This proves that there is someone for everyone and distance shouldn’t stop you from being next to that future loved one.

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