The Immortal Dorian Corey Does It Again

Miss Corey was a Showgirl and drag performer who was born in Buffalo New york in or around 1937 and died in Manhattan New York City in 1993. The doyenne of Paris is Burning, Sally’s Hideaway and before that The Pearl Box Revue. Mr. Dorian Corey traveled to Atlanta Georgia to be interviewed by Betty Jack DeVine at the Velvet Club. This was after the movie (Paris is Burning) and at the height of Madonna’s Vogue movement. The video shows Dorian hanging with Betty Jack and chatting about the many trophies she has collected over the years for the Balls [...]

A Gay Story From a Time When Gay Was, What’s That?

Born in 1942, Cloud Downey explains growing up gay in the 1950s. One night Downey notices a man that looked gay and followed him to see where he was going. The young man leads him to the Magic Clock, which was the first gay bar Cloud Downey entered at the young tender age of seventeen. Like most places in the 50s it was very much a subculture with their own slang and language in order to go under the radar. Back then it was socially highly disapproved of and considered a crime. During the 1950’s Magic Clock was Liverpool’s main [...]

Afternoon Tea at the Piers

The illustrious West Side piers where you could go and hang with your friends, maybe catch some sun or just read a book and relax. Whatever you chose you could do with other gay men. This Super 8 video was shot in a simpler time before the gentrification of the West Side of Manhattan or the whole city for that matter. Nelson Sullivan was a genius at catching the gay culture of New York during its raw time. In the video we see the men of 1976 strolling, cruising and biking their way up and down the decrepit pier. In [...]

End of Summer Fire Island Party 1976

As the Summer of 2012 comes to a close we remember all the good times we celebrated out at Fire Island with friends, family and lovers.  The Pines and Cherry Grove areas most frequented by the LGBT community and are what we see here in this classic super 8 film by Nelson Sullivan originally from Kershaw, South Carolina and moved to New York City in the early 1970’s. This video was taken in 1976 and shows the crowd really enjoying their day galavanting and showing off while taking in the Summer sun of Fire Island New York. Enjoy!   Fire [...]

Body Language, Dance Lingo and Voguing Slang

Angel – “Soft and Cunt”: A Vogue Femme performer with softer and daintier execution. Arms Control – Hand Performance: A category solely dedicated to the dexterity and coordination of ones “slight-of-hand” arm and wrist movements; hand tricks and illusions for New Way. Battle: When one voguer challenges another, in or out of a ball. Box Dip: A floor pose that consists of positioning the forearms flat on the floor, legs over the head, with feet planted on the floor in front. Cat-walk: Upright Vogue Femme sashaying. Clicking: A contortion involving the arms manipulated up over the head and down behind [...]

Drag Ball Slang Terms at It’s Finest Darhlin’

Amazon: For runway contestants, the tall division, regardless to gender. Banjy (adjective): The street-savvy look; also, looking like “rough trade”. Battle: A tie breaker; a chance for the contestant to show up his opponent. (See also Vogue-cabulary). Big Boy/Girl: A class of ball competitors, usually 250 lbs. and over; “Luscious” for the ladies. Bring It: A challenge; call of defiance; “Come on down, you’re the next contestant…” Sometimes contestants are allowed to “call out” a rival. Butch: A masculine female, usually lesbian. Butch Queen: A gay male, ranging from “straight acting” to flamboyant. BQ in Drag: A gay male in [...]

A Glimpse of the Fire Island of Yore

Fire Island in 1976 a much simpler time. No cell phones, no texting, people actually hanging out with each other enjoying being around other like minded adults. Nelson Sullivan’s early videography showed us how we vacationed back in the mid 1970’s. People cruising and gallivanting on the beach without the hassles of modern technology. Fire Island – The Beach – 1976, Courtesy of 5ninthavenueproject. Thank you