Sally’s Hideaway New York City LGBT History 1986 to 1992 R.I.P.

         Sally’s Hideaway a landmark transgender club opened in 1986 at 264 west 43rd street between Seventh and Eighth avenues in New York City. Sally’s was formally known as Blue’s an established watering hole managed by “Conrad” the former manager of the Anvil (1974-1985)  a notorious bar where Felipe Rose (The Indian) danced on the bar pre .

     Sally’s  Hideaway was owned by Sally Maggio a former manager of the infamous 220 Club a transgender nightclub located at 220 West Houston street in New York City. Sally’s Hideaway was a tiny and narrow single story building and was a gathering place for Transgender,  Drag Queens and their admirers.

     This is one of the many establishments that was used during the filming of , which was released in 1990. Sally’s Hideaway unfortunately burned to the ground in1992. Not to long after Sally’s II opened a few doors down. Courtesy of indiaglamstar, Thank you.

  Paris Dupree Ball 1991 – High Fashion Labels, Courtesy of surrealimage. Thank you

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