Surprise, Surprise.. a BIG Contribution From Jimmy James

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2014 Keeps getting Betta and betta!! brings you tons of stunning new updates every day! Also, just in the Mail today, we found this packet of Contribution goodies from the Legendary, Actor, Singer, Impressionist Jimmy James!! For the Back In The Gays section at the House Of Visual Show-room!!




These will be on Display at the House Of Visual Showroom here in the Historical Mott Haven Section of The South Bronx and on FantasyHD website.

Iconic – Legendary – Jimmy James Biography Below.

UNABASHED. UNASHAMED. OUTRAGEOUS. All can be accurately used to describe the persona of one
Jimmy James. For years, Jimmy James has delivered one of the most unique experiences on the
entertainment scene, but you knew that right? Well just in case, maybe a little history lesson
is in order. OK, let’s make one thing clear: history is one thing Jimmy has plenty of. Who
else could boast of talents that have been called upon to perform for major celebrities such
as Elton John, Whoopie Goldberg, Patti LaBelle, David LaChappelle, Luther Vandross, Debbie Harry,
Boy George, Cyndi Lauper, Desmond Child and more? Jimmy James can make that claim….loved and
revered for his unique impersonation talents the world over. But yet still, a yearning..
Jimmy James

Yes, Jimmy’s talents have always been recognized by his peers and audiences alike, and for
that he is grateful. Who wouldn’t be? Yet, deep inside this talented man was a desire to be
seen differently, a desire to deliver a different entertainment experience than that for which
he had become so well known and adored. A desire to share with the whole world the musical
calling that has been burning up inside of him. Call it… a yearning.

Enter top-shelf producer Markus Moser, world renowned himself for his many dance/pop hits
and chart topping records. Markus meets Jimmy, Markus studies Jimmy and Markus gets Jimmy.
Oh don’t get it twisted, everybody gets Jimmy for what he does. But Markus gets Jimmy for
what he is yet to do, what is his destiny, what is his… yearning.

Together Markus and Jimmy tackle that desire head on to create a musical collaboration with
JAMESTOWN that transcends all of the repetitive and recycled sounds of todays dance/pop scene.
An amazing culmination that can only happen when talent and desire meets opportunity and vision,
when a yearning becomes a reality.
Jimmy James

Warming things up for the clubs, first single FASHIONISTA teased dance floors across the world.
Is that the same Jimmy James they asked? And a funny thing happened with a song that was meant
solely as an introduction – a Billboard Club Chart smash.

Now comes the full-length release of JAMESTOWN that finally showcases Jimmy James stunning
vocal prowess and performance abilities. With an uncanny ability to transform himself visually
and vocally into many different persona’s, James is set to establish himself as a dance and
pop icon.

As Billboard Magazine recently stated, “Jimmy James is so damn clever, it is hard not to offer
a howling squeal of approval before clicking replay again and again.”

No longer just… a yearning.

You can visit or book Jimmy James for Private Parties, or any Function

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