Surprise, Surprise.. a BIG Contribution From Jimmy James

2014 Keeps getting Betta and betta!! Just in the Mail today, we found this packet of Contribution goodies from the Legendary, Actor, Singer, Impressionist Jimmy James!! For the Back In The Gays section at the House Of Visual Show-room!! These will be on Display at the House Of Visual Showroom here in the Historical Mott Haven Section of The South Bronx. Call for an Appointment 347-265-5853 or visit us online Iconic – Legendary – Jimmy James Biography Below. UNABASHED. UNASHAMED. OUTRAGEOUS. All can be accurately used to describe the persona of one Jimmy James. For years, Jimmy James has [...]

Monday Blues? Get Sassy 1983

...  Back to 1983 forget its Monday and party. Have a cocktail and relax like it’s Saturday night. Going to the club and hitting the dance floor. Well at least for three minutes and forty-seven seconds… Now back to the grind, your week is ahead of you but the weekend is just days away, so cheer up! Shannon – Let The Music Play (original video), Courtesy of gray768. Thank ...

NYC 1983

...  rooms upstairs. We don’t need much. A bed and communal showers. We are all out working or partying anyway. Danceteria and Berlin are my late night haunts, while I’ve discovered there’s a dyke bar around the corner called Network. Turns out half the girls I work with are queer like me! It’s mostly the bookers but they’ve introduced me to lesbian NY.  Network & Rusty’s are the clubs I mostly go to, occasionally I get to Shescape. I’m out on the dance floor with my beeper clipped to my belt. Everyone asks if I’m a doctor or a drug [...]

Malcolm McLaren, Opulance, the Dance Floor With Willi Ninja

 A celebration of the Harlem, New York City drag  ball culture with Deep  in Vogue (1980) Malcolm McLaren’s dedication to the stars of the drag balls and the many houses such as: House of Ninja – Willie Ninja (1961 – 2006) House of Omni – Kevin Omni (1958) House of Labeija – Crystal Labeija /Pepper Labeija (1948 – 2003) House of Dupree – Paris Dupree (N/A) House of Xtravaganza – An ji Xtravaganza (1966 – 1993) House of Ebony  Malcolm McLaren born in North London in 1946 designer, singer-songwriter, band manager (Sex Pistols, New York Dolls, Bow Wow Wow) and [...]

Continuing My Evening at KURTZ

...  night I walked through the doors and into the club, it was the loud 1980’s music from Salt n Pepa to Pet Shop Boys that drew you inside. The Mix of the patrons in the club was very mixed racially, sexually and clicky pretty much like it is today but grittier like being in a basement, it was actually of an old Chestnut street hotel. The space was large. this was the Dance floor and lounge area there was also a bar to the right of the entrance of the club. The entrance to the restrooms had two tessla globes [...]

The Night I Met KURTZ

...  first experience in a gay club was in Philadelphia in the fall of 1988, the phone rings and it’s my friend Gene. He asked me if I wanted to hang out later that night. “I said cool”, where? He said “there was a club downtown at Chestnut near thirteenth street not far from the John Wanamaker department store.” It was called Kurtz, they had a great dance floor and the DJ’s (One of the DJs was a brother of Michelle, a girl we knew in high school) played great music. After the call, I thought for a moment. That’s a gay club, [...]