How I Met Cisco

September 1993 was a very active month in a very busy year. That month I had gone camping with friends at Hillside a gay campsite in Gibson PA and had a great time. I was also working for Boscov’s department store in their Ports of the World Outlet in Philadelphia as a Visual Merchandising manager. So many things were happening I didn’t know if I was coming or going. After I got back from Hillside I got a call from a Visual Manager in Voorhees NJ at JCPenney in the Echelon Mall for another higher paying job opportunity and I [...]

Heading to the Spike and Eagle’s Nest 1979

Cruising through New York City on a mild night back in 1979. Where to go? What to do? Some beefy leather daddies hanging on Eleventh Avenue between the Spike bar at 2oth street and the Eagle’s Nest at 21st Street. Lets go check them out and groove with them. Boogie wonderland – Earth Wind and Fire, Courtesy of rufus53557 Thank you  ...

Love Letters From My Baby Rob 1993

Back when Rob and I first met in 1993, he would give me these random love letters while working the door at the Eagle‘s Nest that I ended up keeping for all these years. Baby - I love you so much. I can’t stand being away from you. I can’t wait to hear your voice and see your face. You turn me on to the fullest and this 36+ hours we are approaching are ours to enjoy. It will be a Beary Special Pride this year! I Love you Robert ♡ Cisco My wubba cub. Words can’t describe what I [...]

Where Were You When You First Heard This? 1980

 Was it the Eagles’s Nest? Ramrod? Spike? Danny’s on Christopher Street? Ty’s? Keller’s? Or was it your neighborhood Bar or Club? Let us know World wide. Lipps Inc – Funky Town (HQ-Audio,Stereo), Courtesy of djmambito. Thank you  ...

Disco Rap, AM/PM, Pyramid, Roxy, Mudd Club, Danceteria, nYc 1983

Disco, Synth-pop sounds that we remember hearing back in the gays in New York City in different bars like the Spike, Eagle’s Nest, RamRod, J’s Hangout, Keller’s, Ty’s, The L.U.R.E. (yes they were still playing this in bars in 1994). If you remember it being played somewhere other than the bars mentioned, please add. Lyrics below video. Nina Hagen New York New York, Courtesy of bj70117. Thank you New York City is the hottest place For a honeymoon in a hotel room New York City is my favorite place ‘Cause I know so many people with a golden face Uh-huh! It’s [...]

2006 the Year to Remember, Roberto (RIP), on 7 Get Lucky

2006 was a busy party year for us, It all started a few weeks before Christmas in John’s house from Montclair New Jersey. Was such an amazing party, we never experienced any thing like it before. Entering his house, the glow of Christmas shinning through the front door when opened and live holiday cheer being sung in the living room. Definitely one of those parties that went down as one of the best Christmases ever. The weekend after John’s party, we ended up finally meeting someone at the New Eagle we’ve seen in the scene in many different places through-out [...]

LGBT Little People in a Big World

Back in the early 1990’s when we would hang at the Eagle’s Nest and the Spike you would see the gay little people hanging out. We always would wonder how hard is was for LGBT little people to find mates and meet people. Diversity Lesson 101: LGBT/Queer Little People Little People or people with Dwarfism are adults under the height of 4’10. Dwarfism occurs in people who have developed a non-traditional bone growth and therefore some have a larger than average face, some with shorter limbs on their body and all are dramatically shorter than the general population. There are 200 [...]