Burning Up the Queer Streets of NYC 1976

...  up the clubs and discos during the Homo”sexual” Revolution of the 1970’s. What weekend went by when you didn’t hear this track? The pulse of the disco scene, the smell of poppers, music so loud all you can do is dance and sweaty bodies everywhere. Club Flamingo at 599 Broadway and Houston Street, 12West at 491 West Street, Les mouches at 260 West Eleventh Avenue, The Anvil at 500 West Fourteenth Street and The Eagle‘s Nest at 142 Eleventh Avenue these are just a sampling of the former clubs that you would of heard this song being played.   The Trammps Disco Inferno, Courtesy [...]

The Spike Bar New York City Matchbook

...  Spike leather bar New York City located at 120 West eleventh avenue on twentieth street opened their doors in 1972 and below is a late 1980’s original matchbook from this leather gem contributed to backinthegays.com by our extended family Chris Riley from Body Ornament. Thank ...

Heading to the Spike and Eagle’s Nest 1979

...  through New York City on a mild night back in 1979. Where to go? What to do? Some beefy leather daddies hanging on Eleventh Avenue between the Spike bar at 2oth street and the Eagle’s Nest at 21st Street. Lets go check them out and groove with them. Boogie wonderland – Earth Wind and Fire, Courtesy of rufus53557 Thank ...

The Spike New York City, Leather, Western, Uniforms

...  Railroad Spike , Inc. (Formerly The Stockade) leather bar New York City located at 120 West eleventh avenue on twentieth street opened in 1972 and was originally owned by Lenny. By the late 1970’s or was it 1980? Lenny sold off the Spike to Charles Thompson (CT), Ed Clifton (Charles Thompson’s – CT’s Lover), Ken Kyser, and Al Cataldo. The Spike New York’s friendly Leather bar offered a great large open area with a nice airy atmosphere. The Spike NYC was not a club, but a place where clubs (The Mattachine Society was one of them) could house their ...

The Eagle’s Nest, Zone DK, 10 1/2″ Club, Hell, the Lure, Memories and Memorabilia of Old Gay New York City

...  this episode. At this point we knew the Lure and the beautiful dirtiness of that area days were numbered. No more prostitute drag queens & trannies in this area, no Mikes for chub chasers & their admires, no Jay’s Hang out (for those late night sex fiends or a place for bartenders to wind down), no Hellfire, no Vault, no Bear cave, no Western Beef, no Dizzy Izzy’s bagel shop. Second piece is a business card from the original Eagle’s Nest on Twenty first street and eleventh avenue 554 West. With this area we new the Eagle’s (& The Spike) days were numbered [...]

The Weekend After Stumbling Upon the Spike & the Eagle’s Nest

...  other things, we’ll get back to that later) before going out. It gave enough time for my mother to fall asleep and less likely for her to call me upstairs. After about forty minutes I changed wardrobes and made my way towards the “D” train into the city. Made the connection at fifty third street and seventh avenue to the “E” train to twenty third street and eighth avenue. Only three blocks west from the subway and two blocks south to twenty first street and eleventh avenue. On they way there, I remember seeing a guy on the third floor of a brownstone [...]