Gay Bath Houses Post Civil War 1800’s Till Present

...  Body Center – Philadelphia & Provincetown. 1965 till present.   Club Mustang   Club Portland – Portland, Oregon. 1987 – 2007.   Club Toronto – Mutual and Carlton Street – 1973 till April 1st 2010.   Colt 107 Recreation Centre.   Continental Baths Broadway between 73rd street and 74th New York City 1968 – 1975.   East Side Club – 56th Street between second and third avenue New York City – 1976 till present.   Everard Baths – 28th street between Broadway and Sixth avenue New York City. 1888 – 1986.   Goliath’s – Alberta, Calgary. 1983 – 2002   [...]

The Notorious Anvil Club New York City, a Meatpacking District Legend

...  go-go boys who danced on the bar in a American Indian costume was approached by the late Jacques Morali and Henri Belolo for a part in the new group they were forming. That group was The Village People. The downstairs of the club was very seedy with dark caverns and passageways is where all the action happened. By the early 1980’s AIDS had reared its ugly face on the LGBT community,  many homosexual establishments were pressured from the city to close.      Like the Mineshaft, Everard Baths and numerous gay places, the Anvil closed its doors in late 1986 at the height [...]

Brief History of the Everard Baths and Video of the 1977 Fire

...  1888 the Everard Baths was a Turkish “health and fitness” bath founded by financier James Everard in a former church. Building was designed in a typical late nineteenth century architectural style, Victorian Romanesque Revival which was common at the time. James Everard who owned and operated the Everard brewery on 135th Street. November 28, 1898 gas was suspected in the death of a soldier who was found dead in his room at the baths. On January 5, 1919 and not to long after in 1920 the New York Society for the Suppression of Vice encouraged random police raids in [...]