Vintage Drag From the Showroom to the Ballroom

...  Collection of videos put together to Showcase the Drag Talent of Yesteryear while playing Primadonna Supermodel Remix. This vintage footage features: Jack Doroshow (Mother Flawless Sabrina) Crystal Labeija Miss Alfonso from Chicago Rachel Harlow Dorian Wayne to name a few. Ultra Rare Video clips include scenes from the Pre-Stonewall 1950’s and 1960’s from the movie Queens at Heart 1967, The Queen 1968 and The Drag Show Video ‪Vérité‬” 2006. Videos like this are a little taste of what is being played in the background at the House Of Visual Showroom in The South Bronx nYc. Make An Appointment 347-265-5853 [...]

Flawless Mother’s Camp Beauty Pagent 1968

...  is a clip from the movie the Queen released in 1968 featuring Jack Doroshow as Flawless Sabrina the emcee of the Miss All-America Camp Beauty Pagent 1967. Also starring in the documentary was Richard Finocchio who is Rachel Harlow (Miss Philadelphia), Crystal Labeija (Miss Manhattan), Andy Warhol (Judge), George Plimpton (Judge) and Edie Sedgwick (Judge). HTF Film, The Queen (1968) clip ...

An International Chrysis 1951 to 1990

...  Schumacher born in Brooklyn, New York in 1951. He bacame International Chrysis when only at the age of twelve years old entering and joining pageants. In 1967 she appeared uncredited in the film The Queen in a chorus line with the likes of Crystal Labeija (Miss Manhattan) and Rachel Harlow (Miss Philadelphia). Also in the film was The Flawless Sabrina (Jack Doroshow) who founded The Nationals Academy and ran the events from 1959 to 1967. The movie was released in 1968 a year before the Stonewall uprising. International Chrysis went on to star in Jesus Chrysis Superstar and The Last [...]

National Drag History Month 2011, Real? or Faux?

...   American DQ – Peter Andersen 1973,  Danish Dupree, Arianna, American Dupree, Paris, American Eichelberger, Ethyl – James Roy Eichelberger 1945/1990,  American Eltinge, Julian – William Julian Dalton 1881/1941,  American Engfors, Rickard 1976, Swedish Everage, Dame Edna – Barry Humphries 1934, Australian Fabulous Wonder Twins The – Louis Alberto and Carlos Eduardo Campos 1967, Salvadoran Feghali, Bassem  1977, Lebanese Fierstein, Harvey 1952, American Flawless Sabrina – Jack Doroshow, American Flintstone, Trauma – Joe Collins, American Fong, Regina – Reg Bundy 1941/2003, English Foxx, Opal Miss – Benjamin Smoke 1960/1999, American George, Boy – George Alan O’Dowd 1961, English  Gilbert, Sky – [...]