Gay Bath Houses Post Civil War 1800’s Till Present

...  Gay bathhouses, which were also known as gay saunas or steam baths. Gay baths are commercial bathhouses which 9 times out of 10 are frequanted by men to have sex with other men. In some regions the gay slang term for these establishments were known colloquially as “the baths” or “the tubs”.      Not all men who visit gay bathhouses would consider themselves gay or homosexual, regardless of their sexual practice. Bathhouses for women are ultimately rare, though some all men’s bathhouses occasionally have a “lesbian” or “women only” nights.      Bathhouses are and were considerably different in size [...]

The Notorious Anvil Club New York City, a Meatpacking District Legend

     The Anvil bar/club opened in the fall of 1974 at 500 west fourteenth street on the southwest corner of tenth avenue in the 1908 Strand hotel a small three story building on a triangular plot of land near the west side elevated highway, the hotel started out as a longshoreman’s place to lodge it became a truck stop hotel in its later days of the sixties, seventies, and early eighties.      The main floor of the club held the dance floor and bar, there was also a stage area that would feature drag acts featuring Candy Stevens and naked go-go boys [...]

Steve Ostrow Live at the Continental Baths New York City 1968 – 1975

     Live at the Continental The inside story of the world famous Continental Baths. Much has been written about the Baths, but the story of how it came about the 200 raids by the New York Police Department; the pressures from the Mafia; the famous people who visited it; the relationships that were formed; the drug culture that existed in the city; the political upheaval in the city of New York all of this has never been revealed.      Author Steve Ostrow presents for the first, the whole story of the Baths in Live at The Continental. He reveals the [...]

Brief History of the Everard Baths and Video of the 1977 Fire

During 1888 the Everard Baths was a Turkish “health and fitness” bath founded by financier James Everard in a former church. Building was designed in a typical late nineteenth century architectural style, Victorian Romanesque Revival which was common at the time. James Everard who owned and operated the Everard brewery on 135th Street. November 28, 1898 gas was suspected in the death of a soldier who was found dead in his room at the baths. On January 5, 1919 and not to long after in 1920 the New York Society for the Suppression of Vice encouraged random police raids in [...]