The Homosexual Period Between 6 and 12?

The open mind, free to examine, to question, to disagree. In this video you will see well qualified (Wink, Wink) Doctor Philip Polladen of the New York Psychiatric Institute and Dr. Harry Bakwin President of the American Academy of Pediatrics to handle the homosexuality issue. How could this be possible when we are born this way? This was a time when homosexuality was considered a mental health issue, a concern and an inborn deviation. Boys particularly. Homosexuality – Prevention By Using Psychological Approaches / Educational Video, Courtesy of rosaryfilms. Thank you  ... & Presents:

“Out, Gay & Loving It With Pride in New York City June 2011.” In honor of Pride Month Two Thousand Eleven we are taking it to the streets with pre-recorded interviews, history tidbits, LGBT Art, LGBT Culture, LGBT Music and chats with Christopher Street youth June 5th -12th airing on the 19th Live for three hours. All the different aspects of our community and the different contributions to society our community gives. What does Pride mean to you? If you would like to be involved in the series contact Join us every Sunday in the month of June (Pride [...]

Hanky Code 2011?

We were playing around on google with words that people have found BiTG and noticed that our post for the hanky code has come up in many different translations. Seems a lot of people in third world countries and in between are resorting back to using the gay “code” of the streets. Where the only way they can connect with their LGBT brother’s and sister’s are tagging each other with different bandannas. If this is the case, 35+ years later. Something that was created to cruise people of the same interest is now being used to come in contact with [...]

Photo’s of Fellow LGBT Travelers 1970’s – 1990’s by Mark Thompson

We are all travelers of human life. Yes even our Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Bi and Questioning brother’s & sister’s too. Mark Thompson has  taken thousands of photos through-out the years, documenting the struggles and achievements to LGBT Human Equality. Some of our gay brother’s you will see in these videos are: James Broughton Don Kilhefner Henry Harry Hay Jr. Ram Dass Asoto Saint Joseph Kramer vachier muszaphar Robert Mapplethorpe Clyde Hall Ed Steinbrecher Malcolm Boyd Essex Hemphill Paul Monette Lou Rudolph FELLOW TRAVELERS – Part 1, Courtesy of automatpictures. Thank you FELLOW TRAVELERS – Part 2, Courtesy of automatpictures. Thank [...]