Memoirs of a Gay(sha)!

...  to. He smiled and nodded for me to go, I knew Stephen would be still out there. A little nervous going to the exit door I could feel his eyes buried into the back of my head. I turned, he seemed a little startled by the turn around, which caught him off guard, bonus for me. “Yes, Stephen I am coming back and trust me this faggot is coming back fighting – Bitch”, I smiled at him and left, I imagine he sat there with his mouth open or maybe he laughed but I felt I did my duty [...]

While It’s Love That Makes a Family, It’s Marriage That Protects It.

...  is a British gay man living in New York raising his niece with his sister-in-law. Because he can’t marry the man he loves to stay in the country, as immigration is not a right gay marriage covers, he marries his best girlfriend for a green card. When the wedding goes horribly wrong, and he’s faced with deportation, he’s left with an impossible and heartbreaking choice…. THE POLITICS BEHIND THE FILM: Our aim for I Do is to make an intelligent, sexy, romantic dramedy with broad appeal, ...

The Toilet New York City’s 1970’s Gay Bar

The Toilet was once New York City’s most outrageous gay man’s Bar, housed in an old 1886 Building known as the Kelly Building and Henry Aubert Paper, Boxes on 14th street and Ninth Avenue in the Meat Packing District. The Toilet located at 400 West 14th Street from what we hear was exactly that! Perfect bar for those “Wet n Messy” kinky voyeurs that seek out a little more excitement than just your average vanilla sex acts. In order to enter this bar you would have to enter an elevator from the ground level and take it up to the 3rd floor. Below we [...]

Oppression by Example

...  piece originally aired on Gay Talk Radio in 2009. The United States of America came into existence due to religious oppression. As a gay man I find that rather interesting and hypocritical. Since the bulk of the argument against gay marriage is religious based I feel religious oppression is alive and well right here in the good ole USA. It would seem our country has become that which they escaped from hundreds of years ago. I’m not too surprised, since our forefathers came here to flee oppression and the first thing they did is oppress the American Indians. In [...]

A 4 Minute 12 Seconds Tribute to Harvey Milk

...  great men (and women) have made and will make History… Harvey Milk (May 22, 1930 — November 27, 1978) is one of them. He was the first openly gay man to be elected to a political position in the United States. Before this he had served in the Korean War and worked as a Wall Street investment banker. A year into the job, Harvey was murdered alongside San Francisco mayor, George Moscone. The shooter was a fellow politician, Dan White, who was an outspoken anti-gay conservative. White was convicted of manslaughter and received a sentence of 8 years and [...]