While It’s Love That Makes a Family, It’s Marriage That Protects It.

...  is a British gay man living in New York raising his niece with his sister-in-law. Because he can’t marry the man he loves to stay in the country, as immigration is not a right gay marriage covers, he marries his best girlfriend for a green card. When the wedding goes horribly wrong, and he’s faced with deportation, he’s left with an impossible and heartbreaking choice…. THE POLITICS BEHIND THE FILM: Our aim for I Do is to make an intelligent, sexy, romantic dramedy with broad appeal, while highlighting one of the most divisive civil rights, political, social, moral, and [...]

1950’s, the Rosa Parks of Gay Rights Dr. Evelyn Hooker. Not Gay?

...  in a major victory for gay rights in 1974 the weight of her studies, along with gay activism, forced the American Psychiatric Association to remove homosexuality from its official manual of mental disorders. Startling archival footage of the medical procedure used to “cure” homosexuality, images from the underground gay world of the McCarthy era and home movies of literary icon Christopher Isherwood bring to life history which we must never forget. Dr. Hooker’s insights into gay marriage and the gay community (a term she coined), and the filmmakers’ winning approach make this documentary education at its most exciting and [...]

Queer Rising Stops Traffic in Manhattan Pushing for Equal Rights to Marry

...  activist (from Queer Rising: Kevin Beauchamp, Nora Camp, Natasha Dillon, Frostie Flakes aka Adam Siciliano, Jake Goodman, Honey LaBronx aka Ben Strothmann, Eugene Lovendusky, Kitten Withuwip aka Caldwell) for gay marriage were arrested this morning in Manhattan on 42nd Street & Sixth Avenue for carrying a yellow banner (NY Demands Marriage Equality Now!) across 42nd st. and bringing traffic to a holt. Here we have a small video courtesy of channel 11 news WPIX in New York City of the event in ...

Our Agenda, Love, Equality, Pride 1970

...  Street West hosting the first L.A. pride event in celebration of Stonewall. 1978 A.D. San Francisco, Ca: Harvey Milk the first openly gay person elected to the Board of Supervisors (City Council) in San Francisco, California. 1980 A.D. Washington D.C.: HRC founded the Human Rights Campaign is America’s largest Civil Rights Organization working to achieve GLBT equality by inspiring and engaging all Americans. 1996 A.D. Washington D.C.: President Clinton speaks out in support for Gay marriage and equal rights at HRC event. 1996 A.D. Washington D.C.: President Clinton signs the DOMA Bill which defines marriage between a man and [...]

Oppression by Example

...  piece originally aired on Gay Talk Radio in 2009. The United States of America came into existence due to religious oppression. As a gay man I find that rather interesting and hypocritical. Since the bulk of the argument against gay marriage is religious based I feel religious oppression is alive and well right here in the good ole USA. It would seem our country has become that which they escaped from hundreds of years ago. I’m not too surprised, since our forefathers came here to flee oppression and the first thing they did is oppress the American Indians. In [...]