Attention Coco-Puffs!! Coco Peru Is Speaking

...  Subscribe to my channel for more Coco videos! This video was created with love (and a pinch of fiery conviction) by… Directed by: Garrett Watts  – Produced By: Michael Warwick These incredible GLBT Icons/activists seen in the video are listed below in order of appearance: Audra Lorde (Writer/Activist) James Dean (Actor) Sal Mineo (Actor) “Weekend” (Andrew Haigh’s 2011 film) Sgt. Leonard Matlovich (1st Openly gay U.S. Soldier, Purple Heart Decorated) Harvey Milk (Politician/Activist) Scott Smith (Activist) John Cameron Mitchell (Writer/Director) Lana Wachowski (Writer/Director) Dustin Lance Black (Writer) Christine Jorgensen (1st public U.S.Trans Woman) Del Martin (Activist) Phillis Lyon (Activist) [...]

The Flag 1978, Our Colors Don’t Run, San Francisco

...  Saturday afternoon March 19th  while discussing the topic of Pride on a roundtable with we touched on the subject of the Rainbow Pride Flag. The flag was created by Gilbert Baker an activist/artist born in 1951 often referred to as the Gay Betsy Ross, he was discharged from the ARMY in 1972 and shortly after took up sewing. Gilbert was often asked to make banners for protest and gay pride marches. Gilbert was friends with Harvey Milk whom he had first met in the mid 1970’s First raised in San Francisco, California on June 25, 1978 the original flag contained eight [...]

1950’s, the Rosa Parks of Gay Rights Dr. Evelyn Hooker. Not Gay?

...  Award winning director Richard Schmiechen (The Times of Harvey Milk) vividly portrays the life and work of the woman described by the Los Angeles Times as “The Rosa Parks of Gay Rights” in Changing Our Minds: The Story of Dr. Evelyn Hooker. During the repressive 1950’s, Dr. Evelyn Hooker undertook ground breaking research that led to a radical discovery: homosexuals were not, by definition, “sick.” Dr. Hooker’s finding sent shock waves through the psychiatric community and culminated in a major victory for gay ...

Our Agenda, Love, Equality, Pride 1970

...  Luther King Jr. speaks for all American’s civil right prior to his assassination. 1969 A.D. Greenwich Village nYc: Stonewall Riots: New Yorkers fight back against Police gay bashing’s in the Greenwich Village Gay Bars. The first National call for Pride and Action. 1970 A.D. Los Angeles, Ca: Morris Kight Gay activist known for his Anti-War demonstrations founded (CSW) Christopher Street West hosting the first L.A. pride event in celebration of Stonewall. 1978 A.D. San Francisco, Ca: Harvey Milk the first openly gay person elected to the Board of Supervisors (City Council) in San Francisco, California. 1980 A.D. Washington D.C.: [...]

A 4 Minute 12 Seconds Tribute to Harvey Milk

...  great men (and women) have made and will make History… Harvey Milk (May 22, 1930 — November 27, 1978) is one of them. He was the first openly gay man to be elected to a political position in the United States. Before this he had served in the Korean War and worked as a Wall Street investment banker. A year into the job, Harvey was murdered alongside San Francisco mayor, George Moscone. The shooter was a fellow politician, Dan White, who was an outspoken anti-gay conservative. White was convicted of manslaughter and received a sentence of 8 years and [...]

A Brief Gay History of Things They Don’t Teach in School

...  always great to see the new generation taking the time to initiate to learn about our history and bring it to light for others to grow and learn as well. We hear about Martin Luther King Jr, we hear about Malcolm X, we hear about Cesar Chavez. But our schools or churches never tell us about GLBT activist such as Harry Hay (who conceived the Mattachine Society in 1948), Del Martin & Phylis Lyon (who together founded the Daughters Of Bilitis in 1955), Brenda Howard and the great Harvey Milk. Here’s a school project that should have been graded [...]

1972 New York City’s the Place Where They Say…

...  York City a few years after Stonewall and Lou Reed’s song was breaking out with forbidden taboos. Transsexuality mentioning Holly Woodlawn, Candy Darling and Jackie Curtis. Male Prostitution featuring Joe Dallesandro and Joe Campbell (AKA Suger Plum Fairy, Harvey Milk‘s Boyfriend). Oral Sex That was something Candy was doing. Drugs ahhh the 70’s. You can’t get anymore transgender friendly than this song. walk on the wild side ~ lou reed, Courtesy of d1sintegration. Thank ...