Coming Out

I came out at the 9th Circle in the fall of 1977. I was a Freshman at Pratt and a friend from school got me out of the closet. He didn’t have to work too hard. Our first stop was 9th Circle. I remember being terrified and thrilled at the same time. Unfortunately, although I’m sure I knew that I was at home there, I never had much fun at places like that. I remember the downstairs bar because I was a twink and that’s where we congregated. The place was gritty and smokey. Disco blared. Within a few months [...]

How I Met Cisco

September 1993 was a very active month in a very busy year. That month I had gone camping with friends at Hillside a gay campsite in Gibson PA and had a great time. I was also working for Boscov’s department store in their Ports of the World Outlet in Philadelphia as a Visual Merchandising manager. So many things were happening I didn’t know if I was coming or going. After I got back from Hillside I got a call from a Visual Manager in Voorhees NJ at JCPenney in the Echelon Mall for another higher paying job opportunity and I [...]

Memories of a Time Long Gone

It appears that there are just a hand full of people who remembers that magnificent time back in the 80s. Though the neighborhood looks the same. Names of places have changed. Equus is now I-Candy. The Kesmon Hotel is now the Alexander Inn,Key West is closed and my favorite place of all Kurtz is long gone. Going to Cheap Art cafe after the clubs closed on 12th Street and watching all the goings on while eating your meal. Okay the place wasn’t that clean but the action outside was a show in its own! It was a place to go [...]

Sunday Night at the Eagle’s Nest 1979 NYC

The late night cruise was anything but looking for love. The musty bar smell, the poppers and the music they all set the mood on a late Sunday Night in New York City in 1979. Queen – ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’, Courtesy of queenofficial. Thank you  ...

Levi Leather Bar 1994 Open for Previews

Contributed to back in the gays is an invite from the opening night of The L.U.R.E. Saturday January Twenty Ninth, 1994 9:00pm – 4:00am. This was one of the best leather bars in New york City at the time and we sure do miss it. Tons of good memories and parties were held at the L.U.R.E. . Also remember being turned away on numerous occassions for hiking boots, while watching the guys in leather walk right in with their full drag. AwW the memories… Alot of the times we would have a better time outside than inside or maybe it [...]

L.U.R.E. Saturday January 29, 1994

New York‘s Brand New Bar For Men Into Leather – Uniform – Rubber – Etc. . The LURE was located on the rim of the West Village at Four Hundred Nine West Thirtenth Street New York City and here is the official opening party invite contributed to  ...

Remnants of Past Christopher Street 2011

A walk in the West Village New York City on a Sunday in early 2011. Everywhere we looked we were looking at the past around us. It was a Sunday afternoon a very mild winter day walking down Tenth Street on our way we passed old manufacturing buildings that are now living spaces. When I started coming to New York City from Philadelphia in the late 1980’s most of these areas had become seedy, with abandonment and trash everywhere. Well that was then and this is now. A more gentrified street lay before us, even the trash had changed, what twenty years [...]