Equal Rights & Liberation 1993 April 25 Button

...  we have an original March on Washington D.C. button that was picked up during the event on April 25, 1993 by my lover/friend/boyfriend/husband/life partner Robert. Pin back button reads: “The 1993 March On Washington April 25, Equal Rights And Libertation For Lesbian, Gay And Bi” and was contributed to backinthegays.com by Robert. Thank you Rob’s April 93′ March in Washington button 1993 March on Washington, Courtesy of daddyknowsbestjoe. Thank ...

Gay Books for Your Nerve Darlings, Since 1973

...  Room, the oldest and very best gay and lesbian bookstore in the country, was founded in 1973. Paralleling the growth of Philadelphia‘s “out” community and the expansion of publishing in its subject areas, the store has doubled three times from its beginning on South Street to its present two buildings (one a double trinity from the 1820s, the other a mom-and-pop store & house from the 1880s) on the corner of South 12th and Pine Streets. Giovanni’s Room is the traditional place from which to begin your visit to gay and lesbian Philadelphia. Its comfortable atmosphere in the middle [...]

He Started to Kick Me, and Continued to Kick ME! Homophobic Bullying

...  student, a school, a classroom and a case that made history. Every day, thousands of homosexual students are verbally and physically harassed in schools all over the world. Bullied centers on the powerful story of Jamie Nabozny, a gay teenage boy, tormented for years by classmates in his junior high and high schools. Jamie fights back, not with his fists but in a courtroom. His historic federal case established that gay & lesbian students have a constitutional right to be free from physical harassment and bullying. Share with your friends – and maybe we can prevent the next teen [...]