2011 nYc Pride Week Kick-Off Rally Central Park

...  play field area we were greeted by Target employees directing us to the PridePop truck (pictured) for a free ice pop and then are attention was directed towards the stage as Ross Mathews (Jay Leno’s intern, pictured) host of this years rally was gleefully welcoming in Pride week NYC. On stage with Ross was comedian Christine O’Leary (pictured). They introduced the various LGBT entertainment and Speakers which were on stage with proud messages of their struggles and triumphs in the LGBT community. Among the performers was Lavender Light Gospel Choir (pictured), Oh Land (Denmarks answer to  Iceland’s  Björk). Also [...]

The LGBT Community and Our Accomplishments

It’s June and that means it’s LGBT Pride Month and even our president has acknowledged it! So lets look at some of the set backs and movements forward in the community. In 1779 president Thomas Jefferson, a liberal, proposed a law that would castrate men that were found to be gay. At the time the most common penalty was death so in a really bad way this was somewhat of a movement forward. It took over 200 years for the U.S. supreme court to over turn these types of laws making it illegal to discriminate against anyone because of their sexual orientation. In 1961 Illinois [...]

The Stonewall Inn, the Riot, the Uprising, the Celebration

...  Monday Night April 25, 2011 PBS stations nationwide unveiled a new documentary about the Stonewall Riots which took place June 28, 1969. The oppression that the LGBT community was subjected to should have never happened in the first place. People were getting tired of being arrested and treated like a second class citizens. On that warm night in June the boiling point was at its peak and people were ready to fight back and that’s just what happened. In this documentary we follow the veterans who take us step by step on that fateful night through to the first liberation [...]

Thomas Donovan History Timeline of LGBT Vancouver

...  group began in 1977. The Feminist & Lesbian action group started in 1978. The lesbian phone line started in 1979. 1979 was the first Lesbian March. Footage of a Lesbian March 1981. A support group for bisexuals started in the 80’s called Bi-Focus. In 1990, Colin Upright founded the bisexual networking group called BiFace. In 2000, the first North American Bisexual Conference took place in Vancouver. We also get to see some of the people that help pave the way for the LGBT community in Vancouver and people that have help keep their rich history alive. Esther Phillips Feminist [...]

BackInTheGays & Donna Summer Wishes on This Valentine’s Day 1975

...  Valentine’s Day to our LGBT community and extended family! We Love You This is our 17th Valentine’s Day together (not bragging, really am not). Wish this for everyone, because everyone should have a partner in crime.. Luckily for us, we don’t wait till the calendar to tell us when we should show each other love & passion. We do it all year round, love is not seasonal. Love to love you baby :{D Donna Summer – Love To Love You Baby (1975), Courtesy of glauciomunduruca. Thank ...

A Little Orange Bird Told Me: The Anita Bryant Scandel 1977

...  Sundays continue with Little Miss Mess Anita Bryant’s cure for Homosexuals and their evil ways. Anita Bryant was America’s Sweetheart until she showed her religious hate for the LGBT community. Anita Bryant’s Anti-Homosexual Quotes: As a mother, I know that homosexuals cannot biologically reproduce children; therefore, they must recruit our children. I believe that more than ever before there are evil forces round about us. If gays are granted rights, next we’ll have to give rights to prostitutes and to people who sleep with St. Bernards and to nailbiters. If homosexuality was the normal way, God would have made [...]

Dykes on Bikes Front of the Line

...  individual groups are strongly independent and self dependent in the DIY and feminist traditions. These groups have been studied as a social phenomenon as a “challenging, multi faceted form of consumption related cultural resistance that builds an awareness of social bigotry and discursively informs social meaning in daily life outside yearly events.” Dykes on Bikes together with drag queens and other LGBT sterotypes have been bashed for not giving a more positive image in the LGBT community. Allies have mentioned that they continue to play a highly positive role and will not conform to mainstream society gender roles. On Novemeber [...]