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...  Gay & Loving It With Pride in New York City June 2011.” In honor of Pride Month Two Thousand Eleven we are taking it to the streets with pre-recorded interviews, history tidbits, LGBT Art, LGBT Culture, LGBT Music and chats with Christopher Street youth June 5th -12th airing on the 19th Live for three hours. All the different aspects of our community and the different contributions to society our community gives. What does Pride mean to you? If you would like to be involved in the series contact Pride@QueerPublicRadio.com. Join us every Sunday in the month of June (Pride [...]

Gay Bashing at the Stonewall Inn New York City October 3, 2010

           On Sunday morning  October third 2010 Benjamin Carver from Washington D.C.was beaten (but fought back) inside the restroom of the Stonewall Inn bar in Greenwich Village, New York City. The Stonwall Inn the cradle of the gay rights movement in 1969 and a staple business of the West Village. Benjamin was using the urinal when two men walked up to him and asked “if this was a gay bar“? When Benjamin said “yes”, they told him “they don’t like gay people”. Afterwards, they continued to asked him for moneyand when he refused. Benjamin was pummeled by twenty-one year old Matthew Francis and [...]

Gay Bath Houses Post Civil War 1800’s Till Present

     Gay bathhouses, which were also known as gay saunas or steam baths. Gay baths are commercial bathhouses which 9 times out of 10 are frequanted by men to have sex with other men. In some regions the gay slang term for these establishments were known colloquially as “the baths” or “the tubs”.      Not all men who visit gay bathhouses would consider themselves gay or homosexual, regardless of their sexual practice. Bathhouses for women are ultimately rare, though some all men’s bathhouses occasionally have a “lesbian” or “women only” nights.      Bathhouses are and were considerably different in size [...]

Keith Haring, Kenny Scharf, Reflecting on Public Artist and the Center Show Installation 1989

LGBT Gay community center and Out At The Center’s host Laverne Cox reflect back on the twentigth anniversay of the Stonewall Riots with a Art showed called “The Center Show” in the spring of 1989. Curator Rick Barnett approaches (former President of the Center) David Nimmons to set up a public art exhibit for the twentigth anniversary of the Stonewall riots. With help from Barbara Sahlman – Sculptor, who was The Center show curator.  Here are a few artist that were part of the public art show and can still be seen at the New York City Gay Community Center. Keith Haring – Men’s restroom. [...]

1980’s, the Start of the Gay Bear Movement

     In the beginning there were no bear clubs, there were few formally organized groups in the earliest days. The bear community originated in the 80’s by men who felt that mainstream gay culture was unwelcoming to men who did not fit a particular bodily norm (thin, hairless, gym toned and young).       The opening of the Lone Star Saloon in San Francisco in 1989 is viewed by many as the most significant event in establishing the bear community. Known as “Bear Bar U.S.A.” — and for some people as mecca — gay men tell stories of visiting the bar and [...]

The Appearance of the Law Must Be Upheld, Especially While It’s Being Broken

     Outrage comming from the LGBT community, the politicians who vote no rights for homosexuals are the same people getting caught with their pants down in gay sexual encounters.       A trailer for Kirby Dick’s explosive exposé of closeted politicians who lobby for anti-gay legislation in the United States. This groundbreaking film will be on limited release from May 8th in the U.S.A., and will expand to more theaters in the near future. Spread the word! Courtesy of Nationforbigots, Thank you. Closeted Gay Politicians: OUTRAGE Movie Trailer  ...

Continuing the Hellish Ride Towards Equality

      In this post we continue the video on Homosexuality. It shows how we as the LGBT community have our challenges that we face each and every day. These challenges and stereotypes about gay people are wrong and sad, we are not defined by a high pitch voice or a tight t shirt, being obsessed with fashion, or we’re all drama queens. These are all misconceptions.      Lesbians vs. Gay men, Lesbians are still gay but society still accepts lesbianism more than gay males. Female gays have it a little easier because media accepts it and heterosexual men love it. Love is love, not gender. [...]