Best “Walk of Shame” Story, Ever.

As a denizen of the night, living in NYC for nearly 30 years, I have more than my share of ridiculous stories of my misadventures. However, this particular tale is probably one that falls into the category of “Did that just REALLY happen?” I remember the 80’s and 90’s NYC as the time when every night if the week was a different venue/club and a different party to attend, different guest lists to be put upon, and making sure we had at least some drink tickets. My friend Leah Ann and I (she worked at the peep-show owned by the [...]

1984 Roxy NYC World Breakdance Championship Swatch Keith Haring T-Shirt

Swatch 1984 Keith Haring Roxy Breakdance Competition t-shirt.

The Roxy nightclub in New York City founded in 1978 as a roller skating rink, roller disco by Steve Bauman, Richard Newhouse, and Steve Greenberg. The Roxy was located at 515 West 18th Street in the Chelsea section of Manhattan. During the late 1970’s thru the mid 1980’s, The Roxy housed many different theme nights. In that time, The Roxy hosted a party for the 1980 U.S.A. Olympic gold medal Ice Hockey winners. By 1981 the format of the club was changing from a roller skating rink/roller disco and catering more to the Hip Hop music that was taking hold [...]

Most Talked About Night Club in the World Finocchio 1963

Joe “Finocchio” located at 506 Broadway in San Francisco opened on June 15th, 1936 and closed after 63 years of serving the community on November 27th 1999. The most interesting women are not women at all. They are Finocchio’s accomplished female impersonators. That is why the show at Finocchio is always tops in entertainment. At Finocchio you will see woman, that miracle of divine contradictions, in all her prismatic gyrations. Women who step is music, who’s voice is song. Women whom Victor Hugo called “The Enigma of the nineteenth century,” who Confucius called a masterpiece, whom Tennyson called the lesser [...]

Peter Gatien’s Club U.S.A. Night Club nYc 1992 – 1995

...  colors reading “Drugs”, “GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS” and three Japanese characters that spell “Sex Change” crowd the rafters. Not to far from these signs were a row of “Buddy Booths” where gay men would carry on having sex. The entire fifth floor VIP area was designed and created by Thierry Mugler. By January 1995 Club USA shut there doors down for good because building was under foreclosure and “Bump” continued to be held at the Palladium Night Club on 14th Street. Below we have an original “USA International” Thursdays April 7, 1994 Club U.S.A. flyer which we picked up and [...]

Decadence, Promiscuous, Daring: The Saint NYC

The Saint Members only gay club opened on September 20, 1980 at the site of the former Fillmore East at 105 Second Avenue near 6th street in New York City. The Fillmore East originally a Yiddish theater built in 1926, it was built at a time when this area of the city was called the Jewish Rialto. It’s name was the Commodore Theater and was taken over by the Loew’s Company and turned from a legitimate theater into a movie palace it was called the Village Theater. The theater held a capacity of 2700 seats. In 1968 it reopened as [...]

Heading to the World Night Club and Roaming Around the City. Christopher Street After?

...  Warm fall night, tripping with a few friends in the Bronx and we all spontaniously decided to goto the World night club in alphabet city. Baby, Mel and myself started skipping our way over to the four train on Jerome avenue singing “The House Of God” by DHS which was our favorite tune at the time. During this time in New York City you were able to smoke on the platform & trains, and not worry about anything.      Such a nice time in New York City. Most of the time when we would venture into the city, We would ride in the last [...]