Attention Coco-Puffs!! Coco Peru Is Speaking

...  Spellman High, she won’t go down quietly! Subscribe to my channel for more Coco videos! This video was created with love (and a pinch of fiery conviction) by… Directed by: Garrett Watts  – Produced By: Michael Warwick These incredible GLBT Icons/activists seen in the video are listed below in order of appearance: Audra Lorde (Writer/Activist) James Dean (Actor) Sal Mineo (Actor) “Weekend” (Andrew Haigh’s 2011 film) Sgt. Leonard Matlovich (1st Openly gay U.S. Soldier, Purple Heart Decorated) Harvey Milk (Politician/Activist) Scott Smith (Activist) John Cameron Mitchell (Writer/Director) Lana Wachowski (Writer/Director) Dustin Lance Black (Writer) Christine Jorgensen (1st public U.S.Trans [...]

The LGBT Community and Our Accomplishments

...  police raided a NYC gay bar arresting customers and performers. This turned into a three day riot that was one of the first of it’s kind in America bringing much needed attention to the movement and individual rights. In 1984 the city of Berkeley was the first to adopt an ordinance for same sex domestic partnerships which was a huge step in the right direction for people making them closer to equals. In 1998, yes it took this long, president Clinton sign an executive order that let openly gay and lesbian people the ability to work in Government. Wow…. In 2000 Vermont was the first [...]

Memoirs of a Gay(sha)!

...  and Cocks. The First Time That was so much easier than I had thought, damn my parents were easy. I had become quite the expert at manipulating people into doing anything I wanted, and at sixteen there was one thing I wanted most of all – sex, any sex would do, rough, smooth, quick or slow, what did I care, I was a virgin with hormones to spare, my one criteria was it had to be with a man. Having been openly gay for a year already, I thought myself an old hand at the matter and maybe I [...]

Our Agenda, Love, Equality, Pride 1970

...  for all American’s civil right prior to his assassination. 1969 A.D. Greenwich Village nYc: Stonewall Riots: New Yorkers fight back against Police gay bashing’s in the Greenwich Village Gay Bars. The first National call for Pride and Action. 1970 A.D. Los Angeles, Ca: Morris Kight Gay activist known for his Anti-War demonstrations founded (CSW) Christopher Street West hosting the first L.A. pride event in celebration of Stonewall. 1978 A.D. San Francisco, Ca: Harvey Milk the first openly gay person elected to the Board of Supervisors (City Council) in San Francisco, California. 1980 A.D. Washington D.C.: HRC founded the Human [...]

A 4 Minute 12 Seconds Tribute to Harvey Milk

...  great men (and women) have made and will make History… Harvey Milk (May 22, 1930 — November 27, 1978) is one of them. He was the first openly gay man to be elected to a political position in the United States. Before this he had served in the Korean War and worked as a Wall Street investment banker. A year into the job, Harvey was murdered alongside San Francisco mayor, George Moscone. The shooter was a fellow politician, Dan White, who was an outspoken anti-gay conservative. White was convicted of manslaughter and received a sentence of 8 years and [...]