John Lyron Burnside Inventor, Activist, Pioneer.

...  military recognizing (way before DADT) of homosexuals. They continue to push equality for all and in 1967 they both appear as a couple on Joe Pyne TV show (if anyone has the video, would love to see the interview). In 1977 John and Harry Hay were both in a gay lifestyle documentary called “Word Is Out” Directed by Nancy Adair, Andrew Brown and Rob Epstein. On September third 1979 Labor Day weekend John L. Burnside, Harry Hay, Don Kilhefner & Mitch Walker form and held the first Radical Faerie gathering in Arizona. For the next 24 years they continue [...]

James Broughton, Theater, Writer, Radical Faerie, Poet, Filmmaker

James Broughton born in Modesto, California on November 10, 1913. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Broughton looses his father at an early age due to the influenza epidemic and was raised by his high strung, overbearing mother. By the age of six years old they move to San Francisco where he spent most of his childhood years growing up pursuing his love for theater and writing. He attends military school during this time till the age of 16. Broughton while pursuing a writing career drops out of Standford University and decides to spend most of his time [...]