RamRod San Francisco 1967

...  Ramrod San Francisco gay leather levi bar on 1225 Folsom Street opened in 1967. This 1976 pinback button is from the ninth anniversary of the Ramrod bar and was contributed to backinthegays.com from someone in the San Francisco bay area. Thank you Contributed to backinthegays.com, Thank ...

Where Were You When You First Heard This? 1980

...  it the Eagles’s Nest? Ramrod? Spike? Danny’s on Christopher Street? Ty’s? Keller’s? Or was it your neighborhood Bar or Club? Let us know World wide. Lipps Inc – Funky Town (HQ-Audio,Stereo), Courtesy of djmambito. Thank ...

Disco Rap, AM/PM, Pyramid, Roxy, Mudd Club, Danceteria, nYc 1983

...  Synth-pop sounds that we remember hearing back in the gays in New York City in different bars like the Spike, Eagle’s Nest, RamRod, J’s Hangout, Keller’s, Ty’s, The L.U.R.E. (yes they were still playing this in bars in 1994). If you remember it being played somewhere other than the bars mentioned, please add. Lyrics below video. Nina Hagen New York New York, Courtesy of bj70117. Thank you New York City is the hottest place For a honeymoon in a hotel room New York City is my favorite place ‘Cause I know so many people with a golden face Uh-huh! It’s [...]

The Ramrod New York City 6 Year Anniversary Pin Back Button 1978

...  Ramrod was located at 394 West Street New York City, between Christopher Street and West 10th Street in the West Village opened its doors in 1972. This popular leather bar was housed in 2 buildings that were combined and constructed in the mid 1800’s. By the late 1970s the Ramrod had become New York City’s premier Levi leather bar and attracted a large motorcycle S&M crowd. On November 10th, 1980 a homophobic psycho Ronald Crumpley opens fire with an uzi into a crowd in front of the Ramrod New York City, killing 22 year old doorman Jorg Wenz (known [...]

Back in the Gays, in the 1980’s in New York City, When Things Started Changing.

...  uncertainty surrounding AIDS, combined with the city raiding gay establishments that permitted ”high risk sexual activities,” has changed the New York City’s gay scene. Numerous establishments were posting the same signs through out the city, The Mineshaft, The Eagle’s Nest, The Spike, The New David’s Theater, The Adonis Theater, West World, The Bijou 82, The Jewel, Christopher Street Bookstore, Jay’s Hangout, Hellfire Club, Les Hommes, Ann Street Bookstore, Ramrod, Badlands, just to name a few. By Thursday November seventh 1985 the Mine Shaft at 835 Washington Street, near Little West 12th Street had its doors locked by the city [...]