Playing With Stonewall 2008

...  had an idea to recreate the riots and? use the song “the Mattachine Society“. We filmed it atop my Herman Miller (George Nelson) credenza. I loved that object. Sold it. Had to for cash. Anyway, with a little? cardboard, lots of Playmobile, some ink, paints, brushes, etc and Kate Chappen, Eric Koziel, Frank and I, we did it.” TheAluminumGroup The Aluminum Group: Mattachine Society (Stonewall), Courtesy of flittercat. Thank ...

Bi Sexual Mother of Pride 1946 – 2005 (RIP)

...  City and grew up in Long Island, New York in Syosset, Nassau county. During the 1960’s Brenda became motivated by the Vietnam War and joined other antiwar activists to help end the war. Finding it difficult to work with the men in the groups, Brenda left the cause and focused on the feminist movement. At this time she also became active in the LGBT community, known as the “Mother of Pride”. Because of Brenda’s perseverance for assembling a rally only a month after the riots and then again a year after the uprising is the reason why we celebrate pride each [...]

This Street We Call Christopher 1799 nYc

...  lived at 87 Christopher. Dawn Powell – author, lived at 95 Christopher during 1963-65. Vicky Ruane – actress, lived at 39 Christopher Street. Amy Sedaris – actress & comedian. Linda Solomon – New York editor of New Musical Express & the Village Voice columnist, lived at 95 Christopher during 1960-99. Ted White – author & editor, lived at 105 Christopher. 1969 was the year Christopher Street saw history being made, where the Stonewall riots broke out and gay liberation movement began.  In the 1970’s during the sexual revolution, Christopher Street was the main drag (no pun intended) for gay [...]