Happy Marriage Equality Pride New York City & Worldwide!

June 24, 2011 marks a major part in our history with marriage equality passing in New York State and in 30 days it will pass into law. So glad we are seeing this in our lifetime and now the waiting game begins till we see it fully go through on July 24, 2011. Congratulations LGBT, this is a major step in the right direction to human rights for all equally. When we first met back on October 3, 1993 we never even thought of getting married or even thought we would be here 18 years later. But here we are [...]

Fashion Icon Says “Yes to New York Equal Right to Marry”

When you usually hear the name Anna Wintour it’s usually because how rude she is or how hard it is to work with her. Today we tip our hats off to Miss Wintour for supporting equal marriage rights to ALL New Yorkers equally, If nYc & State feel they can take our LGBT tax money. Then there is no reason two men or two women or anyone that is madly in love for that matter should NOT be able to marry their soul mate. To EQUAL HUMAN RIGHTS! Anna Wintour for HRC’s NYers for Marriage Equality, courtesy of hrcmedia. Thank you [...]

While It’s Love That Makes a Family, It’s Marriage That Protects It.

Jack is a British gay man living in New York raising his niece with his sister-in-law. Because he can’t marry the man he loves to stay in the country, as immigration is not a right gay marriage covers, he marries his best girlfriend for a green card. When the wedding goes horribly wrong, and he’s faced with deportation, he’s left with an impossible and heartbreaking choice…. THE POLITICS BEHIND THE FILM: Our aim for I Do is to make an intelligent, sexy, romantic dramedy with broad appeal, while highlighting one of the most divisive civil rights, political, social, moral, and [...]

Queer Rising Stops Traffic in Manhattan Pushing for Equal Rights to Marry

Eight activist (from Queer Rising: Kevin Beauchamp, Nora Camp, Natasha Dillon, Frostie Flakes aka Adam Siciliano, Jake Goodman, Honey LaBronx aka Ben Strothmann, Eugene Lovendusky, Kitten Withuwip aka Caldwell) for gay marriage were arrested this morning in Manhattan on 42nd Street & Sixth Avenue for carrying a yellow banner (NY Demands Marriage Equality Now!) across 42nd st. and bringing traffic to a holt. Here we have a small video courtesy of channel 11 news WPIX in New York City of the event in Manhattan.  ...

Gay Marriage Is Not About Equal Rights. It Is About Love.

When two people get married, it is because they love each other. They want to be together in a bond that makes them one with each other forever. It is a wonderful thing to have such a bond. It is special. It is love. When a man and a woman get married, no one blinks an eye. If two men or two women do the same, then many people do not approve. They claim that it is not right or that it soils the real meaning of marriage. What is the real meaning of marriage? The answer to that question [...]

Continuing the Hellish Ride Towards Equality

...  lesbianism more than gay males. Female gays have it a little easier because media accepts it and heterosexual men love it. Love is love, not gender. Gay Marriage is just like your marriage, only gayer! California at one point allowed same sex couples to get married until Prop 8 was imposed, this law was passed to restore traditional marrige.      After that bill passed many homosexuals lost hope, just days after electing an African American president, the hope we had was lost. When same sex marriage was legal, wedding spendings increased due to homosexual couples marrying while having the right. [...]