The LGBT Community and Our Accomplishments

...  men that were found to be gay. At the time the most common penalty was death so in a really bad way this was somewhat of a movement forward. It took over 200 years for the U.S. supreme court to over turn these types of laws making it illegal to discriminate against anyone because of their sexual orientation. In 1961 Illinois was the first state to abolish the sodomy law making it legal for two consenting adults to perform what ever sexual acts they wished. Of course there was the stonewall riots when in 1969 police raided a NYC gay bar arresting customers and performers. This turned into a [...]

The Stonewall Inn, the Riot, the Uprising, the Celebration

...  Monday Night April 25, 2011 PBS stations nationwide unveiled a new documentary about the Stonewall Riots which took place June 28, 1969. The oppression that the LGBT community was subjected to should have never happened in the first place. People were getting tired of being arrested and treated like a second class citizens. On that warm night in June the boiling point was at its peak and people were ready to fight back and that’s just what happened. In this documentary we follow the veterans who take us step by step on that fateful night through to the first liberation [...]

Candy Darling’s Farewell Card Presented by Frank E Campbell 1974

...  us with memories of the passing of Candy Darling back in 1974 six years after his arrival to New York City from Ohio. After he shares his experiences and memories with Candy Darling, he goes back into his bedroom and what does he hand us? An original Candy Darling memorial card from when she passed away on March 21st 1974. The service was held at Frank E Campbell Funeral Chapel at 1076 Madison Avenue at 81st Street, the same funeral parlor that Judy Garland was laid out in on the night of the Stonewall riots. Here we have a [...]

Our Agenda, Love, Equality, Pride 1970

...  Civil Rights, A Historical Look. 1900 B.C. The Promised Land: Sodom & Gomorrah: God struck his wrath upon the sodomites whores and filth (gays= filth?) This must be where being gay started. 1955 A.D. Montgomery, Alabama: Rosa Parks refuses to move to the segregated part of the city bus, starting the Black Civil Rights movement. 1963 A.D. Washington, D.C.: Martin Luther King Jr. speaks for all American’s civil right prior to his assassination. 1969 A.D. Greenwich Village nYc: Stonewall Riots: New Yorkers fight back against Police gay bashing’s in the Greenwich Village Gay Bars. The first National call for [...]

Gay Sex in New York City During the 1970’s

...  Gay Sex in the Seventies (70’s) is a 2005 documentary by Joseph Lovett. This movie takes you back just after the Stonewall Riots to a time when Gay men were exercising their newfound rights and sexual freedoms that was nonexistent in the previous decade of the Sixties (60’s).      In the 1960’s it was illegal to be gay (basically) and by 1969 the LGBT community had been driven/pushed into a corner and the retaliation was destined to begin. At the turn of the decade the laws were laxed and the Gay Sexual Revolution had begun.      The outlets for [...]

Sylvia Rae Rivera During the Stonewall Riots, a Transgender Activist

...  African Americans & Latinos alike. Not to long after she joined forces with the Black Panthers and Young Lords to bring awareness of equal rights. Even though she continued to live on the street for the better part of her younger years and constantly continued her struggle with substance abuse. She stayed focus on making a difference in the LGBT community amongst other communities through out the city as well. Sylvia received her true recognition while being in the front line of the Stonewall Riots during the summer of 1969. Rae was also one of first people to set off the riots during that summer and always [...]

Gay Bashing at the Stonewall Inn New York City October 3, 2010

           On Sunday morning  October third 2010 Benjamin Carver from Washington D.C.was beaten (but fought back) inside the restroom of the Stonewall Inn bar in Greenwich Village, New York City. The Stonwall Inn the cradle of the gay rights movement in 1969 and a staple business of the West Village. Benjamin was using the urinal when two men walked up to him and asked “if this was a gay bar”? When Benjamin said “yes”, they told him “they don’t like gay people”. Afterwards, they continued to asked him for moneyand when he refused. Benjamin was pummeled by twenty-one year old Matthew Francis and [...]