1984 Roxy NYC World Breakdance Championship Swatch Keith Haring T-Shirt

Swatch 1984 Keith Haring Roxy Breakdance Competition t-shirt.

The Roxy nightclub in New York City founded in 1978 as a roller skating rink, roller disco by Steve Bauman, Richard Newhouse, and Steve Greenberg. The Roxy was located at 515 West 18th Street in the Chelsea section of Manhattan. During the late 1970’s thru the mid 1980’s, The Roxy housed many different theme nights. In that time, The Roxy hosted a party for the 1980 U.S.A. Olympic gold medal Ice Hockey winners. By 1981 the format of the club was changing from a roller skating rink/roller disco and catering more to the Hip Hop music that was taking hold [...]

What Were You Wearing During 1980’s DJ Disciple Parties? Michael Alig’s Limelight Disco 2000?

...  I guess I’ll give a little low down on some of the places & parties they have seen and danced in. One of the first parties these made an appearance in was one of the best traveling parties in New York City (pre-rave). The DJ Disciple (from 89.1 FM) party, the parties would travel all through the city and you would never know where the parties were till he announced it on 89.1 FM. A few other clubs these had the honor of gracing was: The World in Alphabet City East Village The Roxy on 18th Street and 10th [...]