How I Met Cisco

...  and that we should go and hang out. We thought that sounds better than hanging in Philly and planned to meet that night at the Bike Stop and travel with Rick to New York City. Saturday night came and I made my way downtown to meet up with Rick and Scott to drive to Princeton junction in New Jersey and take the NJ Transit train into Pennsylvania Station NYC. Once in New York Rick made his way over to Ray’s place in the East Village and Scott and I headed by cab over to the west side to the [...]

Disco Rap, AM/PM, Pyramid, Roxy, Mudd Club, Danceteria, nYc 1983

...  Synth-pop sounds that we remember hearing back in the gays in New York City in different bars like the Spike, Eagle’s Nest, RamRod, J’s Hangout, Keller’s, Ty’s, The L.U.R.E. (yes they were still playing this in bars in 1994). If you remember it being played somewhere other than the bars mentioned, please add. Lyrics below video. Nina Hagen New York New York, Courtesy of bj70117. Thank you New York City is the hottest place For a honeymoon in a hotel room New York City is my favorite place ‘Cause I know so many people with a golden face Uh-huh! It’s ...

How Many Times Did You Hear This at the Spike NYC?

...  we first met back in 1993 this song was always being played at the Spike while we were there. It didn’t matter what time we were to get there this song would always be heard at least twice. Our friend Ray would go crazy when it would play as he was a huge fan of Ms. Jackson… Janet if you’re Nasty! This song was definitely a heavy on the Spike’s playlist and another memory of the bars that are no more. We also remember hearing  C T (while this song was playing ) saying ” SQUEEL LITTLE PIGGY” from [...]

What Bar or Club Do You Remember Hearing This? (1978)

...  1978 a hot summer night, the temperature is in the mid – 80’s and your going out to the club maybe the Anvil, Cock Ring, Mineshaft or maybe your going down to the piers. You hear this song blasting from boom boxes and passing cars, you love it or you hate it. what memories does it stir? When we first met in 1993 this song was still played at the Eagle’s Nest and the Spike. Patrick Hernandez – Born to be alive (Live at ZDF – 1978), Courtesy of NonnoDeejayJr. Thank ...

2006 the Year to Remember, Roberto (RIP), on 7 Get Lucky

...  his house, the glow of Christmas shinning through the front door when opened and live holiday cheer being sung in the living room. Definitely one of those parties that went down as one of the best Christmases ever. The weekend after John’s party, we ended up finally meeting someone at the New Eagle we’ve seen in the scene in many different places through-out the years past. His name was  Dr. Robert de la Torre, we remember seeing Roberto at the Original Eagle’s Nest, The Spike, J’s Hangout, The L.U.R.E, The Alter. We chit chatted for a few hours on the [...]

Back in the Gays, in the 1980’s in New York City, When Things Started Changing.

...  to have anal and oral intercourse in public, by order of the New York City Health Department,” was another one of the signs posted in numerous locations of the theater. Through the growing uncertainty surrounding AIDS, combined with the city raiding gay establishments that permitted ”high risk sexual activities,” has changed the New York City’s gay scene. Numerous establishments were posting the same signs through out the city, The Mineshaft, The Eagle’s Nest, The Spike, The New David’s Theater, The Adonis Theater, West World, The Bijou 82, The Jewel, Christopher Street Bookstore, Jay’s Hangout, Hellfire Club, Les Hommes, Ann [...]

The Weekend After Stumbling Upon the Spike & the Eagle’s Nest

...  jump around and never was held in the same place twice (pre raves in New York City). Studio 54 was another club we were always frequent, along with The World, Roseland. The Limelight (on Wednesday during the time when Angel, James St James, Michael Alig, Robert “Freez” Riggs, Richie Rich and Amanda Lepore were going). The Roxy, Club U.S.A., Kilimanjaro, The Tunnel, The Octagon, Twilo, Irving Plaza and a few others. This weekend was going to be a lot different, I was going to The Spike & The Eagle‘s Nest and have been waiting for this all week! So, I tell my mom. “Ma, I’m heading upstairs to [...]